First of All : Tiantan Park and its Famed Temple of Heaven are located in the South-Eastern Chongwen District of Beijing's Central Old City. Due to the Feng Shui inspired 15Th Century North-South lay-out of the entire Ancient City of Beijing, Chongwen District and Tiantan Park
with its Temple of Heaven Complex are orientated exactly North-South (East-West). Find one of China's Capital Oldest and Most renowned Chinese Acrobatic Theatres, The Wansheng Theatre on Tiantan Park's western Flank. Wansheng Theatre is located across QianMen Dajie and so is part of adjacent Xuanwu District. The Theatre is home to the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. On the other Flank, North-East find Hong Qiao Market Building, a place formerly known as the thief's
                                                                      market but now famed for cheap shopping in silk,
                                                        pearls, electronic items and much more.
                                                               Tiantan Park is bordered to the south by the
                                                                   Fengtai District, not part of the Historic Imperial
                                                                    Capital but once a small peasant village west of
                                                           the city and across the river.To the North
                                                                beyond Zhushikou DongDajie the Chongwen
                     District continues.
Introduction to the Tiantan Park ( Heavenly Temple ) and Area Map
Hong Qiao Silk/Pearl Market Shopping !!
Northern Exit and Entry
The South and Main Ceremonial Gate
Park Entry and LingXing Gates
Round Altar Enclosure
Gate of Prayer for Good Harvest
Bridge of Vermillion
Gate to Bridge of Vermillion
West part of the Park
Tiantan Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests Enclosure
Imperial Family Shrine of Heaven
Start of Tiantan Park Extended Virtual Tour
Hong Qiao Market
Learn More about The Temple of Heaven and Tiantan Park
Full Tour of Tiantan Park
72 Foot Long Corridor
Gate to Imperial Shrine of Heaven and Echo Wall Enclosure
Tiantan Park Introduction
Hong Qiao Silk/Pearl Market Shopping !!
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Learn more About the Imperial Vault of Heaven ! - Click Here !
A Full Introduction to the Imperial Vault of Heaven and enclosure at Tiantan Park.
Fasting Palace - Hall of Abstinence
Double Eaved Pavilion
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