Find the Main and Most Famous attraction, the Panda House directly across from the Beijing Zoo Main Entrance. From Here, explore deeper into the Park to find much more than expected. The Beijing SeaQuarium Lies in the North-West Corner of the Complex and has a seperate entrance on a Street there. Hidden Behind and North of Beijing Zoo lies the stunning Bhurmese Styled Five Pagoda Buddhist Temple. Five Pagoda Temple can be reached through a small Gate and Bridge leading North out of Beijing Zoo.
A Warning: First Timers may have hard time trying to Locate this Hidden Bridge.
This Official Map of the Beijing Zoo gives a good overview of the new and enlarged Beijing Zoo Grounds, now covering 90 Hectares of land in the Haidian District of Beijing. All animal pavilions and accomodations, old and new are included. Clearly visible in the North and Upper Section of this Map , the newly aquired space across Nanchang River from the original Beijing Zoo site. This new space is home to the largest inland aquarium in the World. Other Beijing Zoo highlights include: the worldfamous panda house and the adjacent lesser (or red) panda's with their unique appearance and personalities.
Introduction to the Beijing Zoological Gardens Map
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Main Gate and  Entrance on XiZhiMen Wai Dajie'
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Panda House !
Ocean Hall - Giant Seaquarium !with live Shows !
Bridge over Nanchang River
Brdige over Nanchang River
African Savannah
Island^ Pond of Chinese &  Asian Birds
Lesser Panda's
Lions & Tigers
WuTa Five Pagoda Temple (at NanChang River)
Five Pagoda Temple & Museum of Stone Steles
Australian Kangaroo's
Golden Lion Tamarins - Very Rare !!
Overview of Haidian District including Beijing Zoo !
NanChang River
NanChang River
NanChang River
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Central Beijing Districts - Schematic Overview Map
A schematic Map of the Central Beijing Districts and most areas of interterest to visiting tourists and travelers. All of Beijing between the Summer Palace and Olympic Park in the North and the remote Marco Polo Bridge in the South. Map excludes western hills and great wall of China which can be found on additional Maps. Browse the Map, follow the Links to more information and backgrounds on each location.
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