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This Map of a section of the Northern Half of Beijing Municipality centers on the 13 Ming Tombs
( Shisan Ling ) and Badaling Great Wall of China Area. As depicted the Ming Dynasty Era Tombs can be found at an arc-shaped inclusion at the foot of the Jundu Mountains. The Great Wall of China at Badaling Pass is just some 20 kilometers away , almost exactly due North-West.
The Ming Tombs site ( 40 square kilometers ) is bordered in the south by a section of the inner great wall (defunct), the Ming Tombs fresh water resorvoir and neighbored by the Beijing International Golf Club. Both sites are easily reached by Car or Bus through AndingMen Gate (and overpass on the 2nd Ring Road, to the ChangPing Highway. 
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Summer Palace
Great Wall at Badaling
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Shisan Ling - 13 Ming Tombs
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Yanqing (City) Yanqing County, 4 Rural Districts, Beijing City Province.
Temple of Enlightenment (Dajue Si), Mentougou District
Haidian District of Beijing
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