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The Six Outer Suburbs of the City of Beijing
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Outside of Beijing City lies the City Province (Municipality) of Beijing, where there are even more worthwhile monumental, historical and scenic sites to visit and enjoy.
Starting with an Introduction and Overview of the Cities' Province and its facts and figures, this text Reviews the highlights and Main Scenic Sights to be visited in and around The Province. From those Monuments located nearest Beijing and those most well-known, to the remote and more obscure this pages gives a short but thorough introduction to Beijing City Province and its historic Monuments.

Covering a surface area of 16 Thousand 800 Square Kilometers (6.487 sq. Miles) Beijing Municipality is one of China's 4 large City Provinces. To the South-East lies Tianjin Municipality and all other surrounding area's are taken up by Hebei Province.
Today Beijing Municipality counts some 15 Million + inhabitants, spread over 16 Districts and 2 Townships. For proper understanding and easy navigation and travel throughout the Province however, it is easier to see things in a slightly simplified perspective.
For all practical purposes, the recently "unlocked" City Province can be divided into Three Rings or Layers. The Inner Suburbs, the 6 Outer Suburbs and the 4 Rural Districts of Beijing.
The first Layer consists of the Inner Suburbs of Beijing, some of who's Monuments used to demand quite some traveling time and in practice lay at quite some traveling distance from the Ancient Walls of the Ming and Ching Dynasty Capital, and the Central City Center within the 2nd ring road.

The Inner Suburbs are Chaoyang District (朝阳区: Cháoyáng Qū),  Haidian District (海淀区: Hǎidiàn Qū), Fengtai District (丰台区: Fēngtái Qū) and Shijingshan District (石景山区: Shíjǐngshān Qū). Find them described and with photos on their own dedicated pages. The Inner suburbs were once too badly connected to be visited at leisure, but the upgrades to the city transportation system have changed this situation.
A Geographic Map overview of North-East China's Hebei Province entire, delineating Hebei Provincial Borders, Beijing City Province, Tianjin City Province and parts of neighboring Shanxi-, LiaoNing- and Shandong Provinces and Inner Mongolia AR. Map includes Great Wall of China Locations in Hebei Province, Main Cities and Towns (shown by size), Hebei Province Monuments, Main Mountains (with Height), major highways, railroads, waterways, and Airports (National & International) and links to furher information.
Full Geographic Map of Hebei Province, China !
ChaoYang District Map, Information and Landmarks
Dongcheng District Map,Information and Landmarks
Xuanwu District Map,Information and Landmarks
Fengtai District Map,Information and Landmarks
TiananMen Square Map,Information and Landmarks
An Introduction and historic backgrounds to each Beijing City District with Menus accessing each Landmark, Monument or Hot-spot Photo-Report,  Maps and Sources.
ChongWen District Map,Information and Landmarks
Haidian District Map,Information and Landmarks
Airport Expressway
2nd Ring Road
3Rd Ring Road
4Th Ring Road
XiCheng District Map,Information and Landmarks
The Six Outer Suburbs of Beijing are in clockwise direction Changping District (昌平区: Chāngpíng Qū), Shunyi District (顺义区: Shùnyì Qū) - with Beijing Capital International Airport, Tongzhou District (通州区: Tōngzhōu Qū), Daxing District (大兴区: Dàxīng Qū), Fangshan District (房山区: Fángshān Qū) and finally Mentougou District (门头沟区: Méntóugōu Qū).
Changping District lies adjacent of Shunyi District due North-East of Beijing's old city center. To the North of Changping up in the mountains stands the Great Wall of China.
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Read more on the Rural Parts of Beijing City Province and the Various Locations of the Great Wall of China near Beijing please Click through to "Beijing City Province - 4 Rural Districts and The Great Wall" - Click Here !
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Map of the Northern Half of Beijing Municpality, marking Shunyi as a red dot and Changping as a Blue Dot. The Badaling Expressway connecting the City Center to Changping and the Badaling Pass of the Great Wall of China can be followed from the 3rd Ring Road.
Shunyi Village
See + Browse ALL Great Wall Locations near Beijing !!
Map Great Wall - Beijing City Province - All Locations
Map of Beijing City Province and ALL Locations of The Great Wall of China visitable within Beijing City Province and Immediate Vicinity.
Browse the Map to Find the Great Wall at far away Yellow Cliff (HuangYaGuan), little known JiangJun Guan, Steep and Eroded Simatai, world famous Jinshanling - the longest Great Wall Site in existence, Gubeikou, White Horse Pass (Bai Ma Guan),Beishicheng, Mutianyu, Jiankou, DaZhenyu, Huanghuacheng, XishuiYu, Juyong Guan Pass and Fortress, and finally Badaling the most visited Great Wall of China Site in the Peoples Republic.
Changping District
Fangshan District
Daxing District
Tongzhou District
Huairou District
Beijing City
The Village of Changping
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Map overview of Beijing Northern outer suburbs and rural districts. Map includes locations of towns, villages, the Great Wall of China and major and minor landmarks and monuments of the area and wider region.
Map Beijing City Province North - Outer suburbs and Rural Districts
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