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This page was last updated on: June 1, 2017
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General Links on Hutong and Preservation of Cultural Relics
Special Interests Subjects in the Beijing Hutong
"China tries to preserve cultural heritage amid construction craze "
A minor news article with backgrounds on the threat to Historic Relics in and around China including Beijing's Xuanwu District.
By (the) Peoples Daily Online.
A Great Article on Ox Street of Today !
Combined Map of Xuanwu and Chongwen Districts
Report and Information on the Jing Yishi Hostle a.k.a. the Far East International Youth Hostel, Dashilan West Street, Xuanwu District of Beijing.
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Please look below to find your link to additional websites holding photos and information on the Hutong Alley's of Beijing and the Preservation of Beijing Hutong and other Cultural and Historical Relics. Some of these sources, but not all were used in various sections of our Beijing Report, at ( this site )
"Beijing Vows to Rebuild Old Urban Houses"
Information on City Reconstruction and Hutong Preservation & destruction from the Beijing City Government, by (the) People's Daily Online
More info and Statistics on the Renovation of Beijing and Hutong Destruction/Preservation
"Beijing to mark 850th anniversary of city founding."
An announcement of festivities in 2003 with some historic backgrounds on the City of Beijing. By(the) People's Daily Online.
Some essential historic details on the Hutong and Beijing ..
Beijing Hutong Alley's
"Man Shoots Beijing's history in traditional "Hutong""
A story on Zhang Yunting photographer with backgrounds on the Beijing Hutong. By (the) People's Daily Online.
Newspapaer account of Photographic Preservation ...
Some info on the most charming budget experience in the Hutong ...
A local girl playing in front of a Hutong Restaurant at Dashilan West Street.
This page was last updated on: June 1, 2017
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