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Currently there is no information available on the ethnic groups within Tsetserleg City and District (Sum).
For more information please refer to: Ethnic Minorities of Arkhangai Aimag (Province).
Ethnic Minorities in Tsetserleg City & Sum
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The Tsetserleg Report
Introduction to Tsetserleg (Цэцэрлэг)
Tsetserleg Landmarks & Monuments
Tsetserleg & Area Maps
Location :  47° 28′ 37″ North, 101° 27′ 01″
Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 08:00 hour East
Elevation : 1693 Meters.
Surface Area: No Information available.
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Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and around Tsetserleg
The number one historic tourist attraction of Tsetserleg and its only distinguishing landmark is the Buyandelgeruulekh Monastery, or what remains of it.  The one remaining structure of the Monastery can be found on the north side of town. It cannot be missed.
The Tsetserleg Buyandgeruulekh Monastery which was first built in the year 1586 AD counting only three temple halls,  but it was expanded in 1679 AD after which it housed five temples and was the home of up to a 1000 monks. Miraculously, parts of the monastery escaped the wholesale destruction of the Mongolian Buddhist Culture during Stalinist purges, mainly because the mainprayer hall was made into a museum intent to show the wrong doings of the Old feudal Society.
Regardless of the destruction of 4 of its Temple Halls as well as the adjoining Monks quarters in the  1920′s or 30′s of the 20Th Century at the hands of Communist Cadres during the period of Soviet Domination over Central Asia and Mongolia and the deportation, brutalization and / or execution of its Monks, the Buyandelgeruulekh Monastery is today once again regarded as the Main Temple of the entire district of Zayain Gegeenii Sum. No Buddhist prayer ceremonies are held however. The monastery remains inactive. There is no resident Lama.
Head out to the monastery, the only worthwhile historic monument in town to have a look at the remaining Main Hall of the Temple, the 108 (remaining) stupa′s the Monastery is noted for. A new addition is a long stairway leading uphill to a Giant Buddha Statue.

According to renowned International Travel Guides the Museum of Arkhangai Aimag is one of the best in the Mongolia. The Provincial Museum is housed in the temple complex of Zayain Khüree Monastery.

The main hall concentrates on features of traditional Mongolian lifestyle, with exhibits of costumes, traditional tools, a ger, musical instruments, weaponry and saddles. The displays have some useful English captions. The second hall concentrates on religious icons. The other two rooms of the former main prayer hall are empty, while the last hall focuses on local artwork.

Admission Price: 2500 Tug,
additional: Exterior Photos 2000 Tug / Interior Photos 5000 Tug

Opening Hours 09:00 AM - 18:00 pm daily. But that is during the summer tourist high season.
Public Transport in Tsetserleg
There is NO Railway Station in Tsetserleg. Travel by Public Transport is by Bus or by Airplane.

Buses travel between Ulaanbataar and Tsetserleg only 4 days per week. Buses from Ulaanbataar toTsetserleg leave from the Dragon bus station in Ulaanbaatar at 8 AM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The ride typically lasts at least 10 hours, and tickets must be purchased a day in advance. As of June 2009, bus tickets from Ulaanbaatar to Tsetserleg cost approximately 18,000 tugrug, around US$13.

There are also microbuses that run between Ulaanbaatar and Tsetserleg. These are often very cramped (four across a bench seat), as drivers want to fit as many people in as possible to maximize profit. If possible, it is not a bad idea to pay for an extra seat to be left empty.
National Airport at Tsetserleg - More information
Complete Listing of available Hotels in Tsetserleg, Arkangai Aimag, Republic of Mongolia
Tsetserleg has NO Railroad Station but does have a National Airport. Tsetserleg Airport has offers air-connections with Ulan Bator. Traveling by Car or Bus, the distance from Ulaanbataar to Tsetserleg can be covered in about 9 hours. Travel distance to Bulgan, Capital of Bulgan Aimag situated due north-east of Tsetserleg, is around 370 km (230 miles)
Tsetserleg National Airport is located due south-east of Tsetserleg City at about 1 kilometer distance. The word airport describes it function and little more. There is one runway, which runs roughly North-West to South-East and which is entirely unpaved. There is service building, no baggage handling facility or passenger terminal. In fact, there are but 3 small structures and a fence.

For bookings: The 5 digit city code for Tsetserleg is MNTSZ.
There is no information available on the history of Tsetserleg.

To find out more information on the history of Tsetserleg City & Tsetserleg Sum, go to: ′History of  Arkangai Aimag (Province)′.
Tsetserleg is geographically located in the Bulgan sum in the south of Arkhangai Aimag. The Town does not lie within the Tsetserleg sum which is situated in the north of Arkhangai Aimag.
In 1992 Tsetserleg was designated as Erdenebulgan sum, which has area of 536 km² and has a rural population of around 16.300 souls (2006 estimate).
Find out the Details in the History of Tsetserleg
The foremost Hotel in Tsetserleg is the Wild Land Hotel, which is situated in the south-east corner of the central district of Town. The wild land hotel stands just north of- and across from the Town (Drama) Theatre and features modern rooms with full internet access. Sadly however, in the summer high tourism season it is often booked full.

The other Hotel in Tsetserleg is the Naran Hotel. It not only features a bar but also features a brothel on the top (3rd) Floor. Needless to say it is not popular with tourists, mostly due to the brawling drunk customers.
Tel:+976 1332 9933 2900

The third Hotel option is the Fairfield Restaurant and Bakery which is a place that serves a multitude of functions.  The Hotel is guaranteed safe and free of prostitutes. A 24 hour reception service ensures any traveler can be accommodated at all Times.
Classed by most travelers as in medium price range, the Fairfield offers rooms at around 15 U.S. dollars a night.  There are single or double rooms.
Although no the the cheapest Hotel in Town the Fairfield offers sufficient extras to justify the expense. First of all, the Fairfield is run by run by an Australian couple and thus is the natural center of Foreign activities in the small Town. Apart from having a chat, the Fairfield also functions as an intermediary for local tour operators, so if you have a wish, perhaps the Fairfield can help you out. Popular options are horse rides in the vicinity of Tsetserleg, excursions to nearby scenic sites and ofcourse transport to other cities and provinces of the Republic of Mongolia.
To be complete, the Fairfields Rooms are clean, comfortable and include full internet access.

There is no additional information available on Hotels in Tsetserleg City and District at this Time.

Hotel Zamchin lies away from the Center of Town and is thus less popular. The distance to Town Center is walkable.
Tel+976 1332 22274
Tsetserleg experiences a subarctic climate with long, extremely dry, cold winters and short, warm, relatively wet summers. That said, within Mongolia. Tsetserleg has one of the wettest climates available. Of the 37 measuring points within the nation, only 2 have a higher precipitation as Tsetserleg.
For more information refer to: Arkhangai Aimag (Province).
                               Full Google Map of Tsetserleg City in Arkhangai Province of Mongolia.
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Airport : Tsetserleg National Airport
There are no Maps available on Tsetserleg City and District at this Time.
Tsetserleg City & Sum Maps
Tsetserleg (Mongolian: Цэцэрлэг, also spelled Tsetserlik or Tsetserlig) is the capital of Arkhangai Aimag (province) in the Republic of Mongolia. It should not be confused with the District (Sum) of Tsetserleg in Khövsgöl Aimag. The name of the City, Tsetserleg translates as ″Garden″ in Mongolian language.

The City of Tsetserleg lies on the northeastern slopes of the Khangai (also: Hangayn) Mountains, at some 400 kilometers (250 miles) due southwest of Ulaanbaatar. Tsetserleg is ranked administratively as a city, however it currently counts around 16 thousand 500 citizens (16.300 2006 estimate) making it no bigger than a town or village. Regardless of its modest size and the difficult road connections within the Nation, Tsetserleg is one of the most visited cities in the Republic of Mongolia. In fact, it is said to be one of the most pleasant Mongolian Capitals to live in.

Established as a settlement around the year 1680 AD AD, during the Kangxi Reign (1661 AD - 1722 AD) of the Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644 AD - 1911 AD), Tsetserleg is regarded as an ancient cultural and commercial centre within Mongolia. The town was built around a Lamasery , the Zayain Khüree Buddhist Monastery of which today only a small part remains.
The Zayain Khüree Monastery was originally built by a Mongolian Lama known as the First Khalkh Zaya Pandita, one Luvsanperenlei (1642 AD – 1715 AD) (who should not be confused with Zaya Pandita Namkhaijantsan (1599 AD –1662 AD). It consisted of a main Prayer Hall known as Guden Süm, as well as the Right and the Left Temple Halls of, respectively Summer Semchin Temple and Winter Semchin Temple. When in 1932 AD the resident Lama of Tsetserleg, the sixth Zaya Pandita, Jambatseren, was killed by the Communists the main Guden temple was turned into a museum. Today this Museum is known as the Arkhangai Aimag Museum.
Much of the Buddhist Art found inside the Monastery was taken away for value, or simply destroyed in an attempt to erase all buddhist history from the Mongolian memory. Today only the Main Hall of Guden Sum remains, attracting visitors from afar. There is a second Monastery in Town which is known as the

Today, the town of Tsetserleg reflects the local nomadic lifestyle in every way. Horses and Horse-Riders are a daily sight on the streets of Tsetserleg. Apart from the Monastery, the main pride of Town is the

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Xilin Hot, Administrative Capital of Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia
Xilin Hot
Population: Tsetserleg City counted 18.519 souls in the year 2000 National Census. In the year 2003 there were but an estimated 16.300 souls.
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You Tube Video: Hitching a Ride to Tsetserleg, Capital of Arkhangai Province in Mongolia.
Currently Tsetserleg is but a small and remote town noted only for the remnants of its ancient Buddhist Monastery. It is surrounded and enclosed by the foothills and mountains of the Khangai (also: Hangayn) Mountains. Only low rolling hills with (replanted) Pine Trees are visible from the Town.
Only one road leads from the National Capital of Ulaanbataar to Tsetserleg. This road enters Tsetserleg from the south-east direction, leading past the National Airport of Tsetserleg. The same road continues to the West of Tsetserleg Town, leading eventually to either Uliastai in Dzavkhan Aimag, or Altai in Govi-Altay Aimag.
The town of Tsetserleg itself is noted as rather drab and not very entertaining. Apart from the small central district which has all the modern facilties, there are a suburban
zone to the west and east and south-east consisting of residences. Residences typically are enclosed by low walls or wooden fencing, inside of which stand one of two much smaller structures. One for the Family and a storage shed or animal shelter set separately.
Hills lie to the North and to the South of Tsetserleg Town. A road leads up the Northern Hills to lead to Bulgan Uul (Булган Уул) National Park.

The nearest Towns are Tsangay, which lies due north-west of Tsetserleg and Altan-Ovoo which lies due west of Tsetserleg along the road to Ulaanbataar.

Although but very modest in size, Tsetserleg City counts a drama theatre, a stadium, a gas station and two hotels - one aptly named the Wild Land and the Naran, which includes a brothel on its upper floor.
Furthermore there are a hospital, the Provinces Main Post Office, an agricultural college, several schools and two banks. The main restaurant in town is the Fairfield which is situated in the north-east corner of the small central district of town.
The airport, largely an unpaved field, lies due south-west of Town at about a kilometer distance.

The main industry is food processing.
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There is no information available on Galdan uu Temple in Tsetserleg.

The most notable entertainment venue in town is the Pen Disko Bar, a watering hole found at Tuslah zam road, the ultra modest ring road that encircles the central district of Town. To be exact, find the Bar in the North-East section of the central district, at some walking distance due East of the Mongol Bank. It is down the road from the Fairfield Restaurant, which is the other wortwhile place to have a look.

Other Entertianment may be found at the Stadium. The stadium is not only the venue for the yearly (and national) festival of the Mongolian Nadaam, it also regularly serves as the stage for dancing contests and other large scale cultural events.
A popular trip to take out of Tsetserleg is to Terkhin Tsaagan Nuur or the Great White Lake. Situated at some 170 kilomters due north-west of Tsetserleg, it is part of the larger Khorgo Trekhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Хорго Тэрхийн Цагаан Нуур) National Park which encircles the lake. Due to the unpaved roads and lack thereof, travel time to destination is around 4 hours from Tsetserleg.

Trips to Tsagaan Nuur Lake can be expensive. Costs include gasoline, hiring the driver as well as food and overnight accomodation for all. Count at at least a 100 to 120 U.S. Dollars. If you made it this far though, the trip to Tsagaan Nuur is certainly worth your while and almost obligatory.
Book a trip through the Fairfield Bakery, Restaurant and Hostel, or try and arrange for a car yourself in Town. Needless to say, with the (possible) language barrier one is usually better off handling things through the Fairfield.

Orkhonii Khundii (Орхоны Хөндий) National Park lies at a considerable distance due East of Tsetserleg. The only road that leads there from Tsetserleg leads past Altan-Ovoo and Khoton villages along an un-named and un-numbered road.
Bulgan Uul (Булган Уул) National Park lies in the Hills immediatly north of the Town of Tsetserleg. 

Tsengkher is a Hot-Springs and small resort, situated at about 30 kilometers from Tsetserleg Town. The Hot Springs themselves are known as Tsenkher Hotwater Springs and currently Japanese owned and operated. Here one can enjoy the wonderful volcanically heated water which is conveniently pumped into pools where one can linger and steam. A proper stay over comes with a night spent in a Ger (Mongolian Tent; Russian: Yurt) to enjoy some of the wild outdoors of this region of Mongolia. Nearby the hot-springs site is a small gold mine, which doubles as an attraction for the odd tourist visitor who makes it this far out.

Yihe Irta Bulag. Situated at 1.5 hours driving from the town of Tsetserleg. To be exact, it is situated at 105 km (66 miles) distance.
Museum of Arkhangai Aimag. There is little to no entertainment in Town. The main venue is the Tsetserleg Drama Theatre. There is the Fairfield Restaurant, the unoffical tourist agency of Town run by Australians and a bar or two.
It is said that the local Narin Hotel doubles as a brothel. It could be a place to avoid.

Tsetserleg is a perfect getaway with combination visits to nearby towns in Mongolia like Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and the Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake) with a side trip to Khujirt or Kharkhorin.

Tsetserleg is planning to be the most environmentally friendly Capital City within Mongolia. So far studies (Source: United Nations University, Geothermal Training Program, Reykjavík, Iceland) into the introduction of a Geothermal Heat Plant (CHP) have shown that development for a medium-temperature geothermal resource situated at about 5 kilometers from Tsetserleg, although expensive in initial costs, is viable. In the future a 5 kilometer long pipeline is set to service the city and provide
it with clean and sustainable energy. It will be the first such plant within Mongolia entire.
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The huge Khangai Nuruu National Park, Jargalant, Mongolia lies to the south, spread over no less than 3 Provinces of the Republic of Mongolia.

There is no information available on trecks and hikes in the nearby Khangai Mountains. Nature and mountain lovers can take advantage of the hiking and trekking opportunities offered in town. Horses can also be rented for a proper scouting of the surrounding hills. There are some great camping sites around Tsetserleg, however these are renowned for being unsafe. It is not unusual for campers to be attacked and robbed by passing Mongolians.

There is no information available on the landmarks and Monuments of Tsetserleg at this Time.
lsan Tamsagbulag (), Capital of Dornod Aimag, Republic of Mongolia
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