Ethnic Minorities in Ordos City Prefecture
Learn More about the Ethnic Nationalities in Bayan Nur
Complete Listing of available Hotels in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia AR, China (PRC).
There is no information available on the Ethnic Groups within Ordos Prefecture.
For general information on the Ethnic Minority Groups in Inner Mongolia AR, please refer to: 'Ethnic Minorities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region', and our Main Introductory page to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Hotels & Hostels in Ordos City Prefecture
There is no information available on Hotels and Hostels within Ordos City Prefecture.
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Find out the Details in the History of Ordos City & League
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Ordos City () Basic Knowledge :
Location : ---
Elevation : No Information available.
Surface Area:
Urban - Total Surface area of the City Prefecture of Ordos City is ---- square kilometers (---- square miles).
Population: The Total Population of Ordos City Prefecture is about-- million souls.
The population of ---- itself (Urban) was an estimated ---

Ordos City Prefecture is situated roughly in the center of Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, just 60 ....
Inner-Mongolia is the third largest of China's Five Autonomous Regions. It lies in the upper North and North-East of the country, straddling the border with The Republic of Mongolia and The Russian Federation. Neighboring Provinces of China are in clockwise direction - Heilongjiang Province in the East, Jilin Province slightly more to the South, Liaoning Province, Hebei Province, Shanxi- and Shaanxi Provinces in the South, and finally Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu Province in The South-West and West.
Introduction to Ordos City Prefecture of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
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Toyon Han Uul (Height 1608 Meters)
Delger Han Uul (Height 1553 Meters)
Banaan Tari Nor
Tsetsiy Uul (Height 1799 Meters)
Baya Gazaryn Chuluu (Height 1768 Meters)
Gashuun Nor
ZuunMod (Mongolian Republic) AR)
TogToh (Capital of Inner Mongolia AR)
QianjiaDan (Inner Mongolia AR)
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Tianjin - City & Province
Beijing & City Province
Inner Mongolia AR of China
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Ulaanbataar (Capital of the Republic of Mongolia)
Linhe' (Inner Mongolia AR)
Datong (Shanxi)
Inner Mongolia AR includes - no information available.

The Topography of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region can general be seen as follows - In the North and North-West ...
Map of the Gobi Desert & Yellow River Flow
Satellite Image Map of the Gobi Desert Region. Map overviews North-West Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and North and North-Eastern China giving a Full Overview of the Gobi Deserts and Yellow River Basin.  Map includes country borders, name + location of Cities and Villages (clearly visible).
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China Report - Map of the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty
Satellite image of China and North-East Asia, with a super-imposed schematic Map of the location and Path of the Great Wall as constructed during the Reign of the Ming Dynasty. Included for reference are City names, geographical features of landscape, Names and locations of Passes on the Great Wall of China.
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Great Wall of China, Qinhuangdao, China
The Great Wall of China, Qinhuangdao, China Photographic Print
Su, Keren
Schematic Map depicting the multiple layers of the Great Wall of circling Beijing and North and North-East China.
YanMenguan Pass at Datong, Shanxi Province
Lanzhou, Gansu Province
Old Dragon's Head - East Terminus at QinhuangDao
Xining, QingHai Province
Xi'An, Shaanxi Province
Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Jinan, Shandong Province
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia AR
Travel through China's beauties in the Star Documentary Marco Polo's Shangri La
An epic Trip through North and West China in Marco Polo's Shangri La.
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Yinchuan, Ningxia Province
Beijing, Capital of China
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Khara-Koto Home
Documentary film on the Batlle for Russia and China in the The East during World War II
Battle for Russia and China during World War II. Full Documentary.
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History of Ordos City:
Ordos City Climate & Weather :
No information available.
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Map Great Wall China - Layers of Dynasties and Era's
A Schematic Map of China and East-Asia, with a super-imposed schematic of the various layers of the Great Wall of China.
Features Pre-Qin Dynasty Wall, Qin Dynasty Wall, Western Han Great Wall of China, the (Northern) Jin Dynasty Great Wall and finally the Ming Dynasty Great Wall as mainly remains today.
Main Features are Names and locations location of Passes on the Great Wall of China, outer layer and inner layer. Includes Shanhai Pass, Huangya Guan (Yellow Cliff) Pass, JiYunGuan Pass, Ningwu Guan Pass, Pingxin Guan, YaMen Guan Pass, Pian Guan Pass, JiaYuGuan pass, YuMen Guan Pass (Jade Gate) and Yang Guan Pass.
Further included for reference are City names, geographical features of landscape and main mountain ranges. Updates occur several times a year adding new pass locations and photo-virtual tours of Passes throughout China.
Map of Languages & Distirbution in China !
A Full and complete Map of China (PRC) identifying all Language Areas big and small in all Provinces and Autonomous Regions of China.
Map includes Turkic Languages (Uygur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Salar & Uzbek), Mongolian Language and Sub-Divisions (Mongol, Tu, Daur and Dongxian), Tungusic Peoples (Oroqen, Evenki and Xibe) and Languages, Korean, Tajik (Tadzhik), Mon-Khmer (Kawa + Puman (or Pulang)), Hui, Uygur (Uighur), Tibeto-Bhurman Languages, Tai and Miao, Yao and She' Language Area's and Borders. Main Area's and sub-divisions of Han Languages (Northern Mandarin, Eastern Mandarin, South-Western Mandarin and Cantonese) further included. This color-coded ethno-linguistic Map (of 1967 AD) identifies at a glance most ethnic minority regions in China
Map China Ethno-Linguistic / Language Distribution China
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Shijiazhuang (Hebei Province))
Dalian (Liaoning Province)
Shenyang (Liaoning Province)
Baotou (Inner Mongolia AR)
Ehrenhot (Inner Mongolia AR)
Hohhot (Capital of Inner Mongolia AR)
Dongsheng (Inner Mongolia AR)
WuHai (Inner Mongolia AR)
Alxa Youqi (Inner Mongolia AR)
Shuizhi Shan (Ningxia Hui AR)
Wuwei (Gansu Province
Jinchang (Gansu Province
Zhangye (Gansu Province
Tangshan (Hebei Province))
QinHuangDao (Hebei Province))
Zhangjiakou (Kalgan) (Hebei Province))
Chifeng (Inner Mongolia AR)
Tongliao (Inner Mongolia AR)
Kailu (Inner Mongolia AR)
Baicheng (Jilin Province)
Da'An (Jilin Province)
Qagan (Inner Mongolia AR)
Jinzhou (Liaoning Province)
Chaoyang (Liaoning Province)
Fuxin (Liaoning Province)
Siping (Jilin Province)
Gaoxian (Liaoning Province)
Gurban Obo (Capital of Inner Mongolia AR)
Fengzhen (Capital of Inner Mongolia AR)
Taiyuan (Capital of Shanxi Province)
Mandalgovi (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Choyr (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Saynshand (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Suhbataar (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Bagaanur (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Baarun-Urt (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Ondorhaan (Mongolian Republic) AR)
ChoyBalsan (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Darhan (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Bulgan (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Erdenet (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Dalanzadgad (Mongolian Republic) AR)
ArvayHeer (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Bayanhongor (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Tsetserleg (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Altay (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Uliastay (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Lun (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Moron (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Boon Tagan Nor
Ulaan Nor
Hovsgol Nor
Bulnayn Tsagan uul (Height 2367 Meters)
Orvog Gashuuni Bor (Height 802 Meters)
Onch Hayran Uur (Height 1316 Meters)
Tsagaan Bogd Uul (Height 2480 Meters)
Atas Bogd Uul (Height 2695 Meters)
Zaymin Uud (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Hatag Uul (Height 1436 Meters)
Shiliyin Bogd Uul (Height 1778 Meters)
Lachinvandad Uul (Height 1233 Meters)
Soyolz Uul (Height 1504 Meters)
Lamyn Hayrhan Uul (Height 1185 Meters)
Hoh uul (Height 1046 Meters)
Soorj (IRussian federation)
Yahl Nor
Bayan Uul (Height 1814 Meters)
Urah Dash (Mongolian Republic) AR)
Belchir Uul (Height 3551 Meters)
Deden Umbe Uul (Height 2841 Meters)
Source Book
"Inner Mongolia - The Horseback People"
( available from our Online Store )
Click Image to View Book in Online Store !
Jining (Inner Mongolia AR)
Yinchuan (Capital of Ningxia Hui AR)
Hailar (Inner Mongolia AR)
Site of Ancient Kharakoto, Capital of the Tangut Empire
Local Topography of Ordos City Prefecture :
Economy of Ordos City :
No information available.
Ordos City Prefecture Today :
No information available.
Ordos City Landmarks & Monuments
Bayan Nur & Area Maps
The main landmark of ..
There is no maps of Ordos City Prefecture.
For all Maps relevant to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the past and present, please refer to:
'Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - Maps Index'.
Public Transport in Ordos City
Main Railroad Station of Shizuishan - Photos and Introduction
The Main and only Railway Station of Ordos City - no information available.
Click Below Link for an up to Date Train schedule for Ordos City.
Ordos City has a Railroad Station. It is located in the western parts of Ordos City.
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