LG Twin Towers, CBD, ChaoYang District
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Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to the LG Twin Towers, Office Building and Shopping Mall in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

The LG Twin Towers is a fairly well-known building which is hard to overlook when passing through the new Central Business District (CBD). Located in the South section of the Chaoyang District and situated along the South side of the main East to West Boulevard that runs through the Chaoyang CBD, the LG Towers are an important architectural element making up the face of the modern Beijing.

Initially constructed and opened to take part in the presentation of Beijing to the World during the August 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games the Twin Towers are part of the financial and Trade Center which forms in many
Directions and Introduction to The Twins
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The LG Twin Towers Mall :
Overview of traffic on Jianguomen Outer Street in front of the LG Twin Towers from the Silk Alley Building and Jianhua Road. The Beijing LG Towers echo the twin tower theme chosen for the 1st LG Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: July 2010)
respects the heart of the CBD District. Although as passerby would only suspect such a thing, this is the building where many Beijing's new millionaires have made their their money. It is an institute.

For average dwellers, tourist and visitors however, The LG Towers today are mainly a welcome architectural marvel in a flowering CDB District. Although several even more impressive and even taller buildings have since risen in the CBD, and the Towers are now but one of the many office towers and malls in Beijing, still, with its prime location on Jianguomen Wai Dajie' (Jianguomen Outer Street) and  futuristic design and lighting, the Twin Towers are noticed by each and every visitor. Go pay a visit and see what is available outside and inside of this piece of modern architecture in Beijing ! A Hint: one of the main attractions of this Mall is its indoor skating ring. Always fun for a date.
Detail of the building identifying it as the LG Twin Towers, although most locals use the term The Twins and Business People know it as the World Trade Center Beijing (Photo: July 2010).
The LG Towers in Chaoyang CBD, how to Get There :
As mentioned, the Twin Towers stand on a prime location almost at the Center of the New CBD District. Thus, the Twin Towers are among the easiest buildings to find in the Chaoyang District.

Presuming one is staying somewhere in the Central City, the easiest route to follow is as follows. Travel along either the circular line (Blue) or horizontal line (Red) to Jianguomen station, which is situated in the south-east of the old city. To find Jianguomen on a Map: find Tian'Anmen Square in the Center of the City, go to its lower border and follow the road leading from the south of Tian'Anmen Square to the East and Right, which is Qianmen Dongdajie' (Qianmen East Street). The Jianguomen Station is
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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD
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Having arrived at Yong 'Anli Station, it is most ideal to leave the station via the south west exit and stay on the south side of Jianguomen Outer Street and have a look around outside at the wide boulevard and the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers are clearly in view from the Station, so all one has to do is walk back westward towards the City and find the Entrance to the elegant building.

Naturally, one can also walk Eastward from Jianguomen Station, pass underneath the second ring road (highway) and head eastward along Jianguomen Outer Street to reach the

Grotere kaart weergeven
                   Google 3D Map of walking route along Jianguomen Outer Street in South Chaoyang, as described in the Text.
Use this schematic Map to get an idea of the various locations in the CBD and Chaoyang District. - Click Map for FULL Version !!
The Twins, as their are fondly called by the local expat and business community count 30 floors each and stand 140.5 meters tall above the traffic of Jianguomen Outer Street, the main traffic artery in the the south of Chaoyang District and main road in the Central Business District. Constructed in the year 2005 AD The Towers are one of the first feats of modern architecture to be seen in the Chaoyang District, in those early days forming the core of the Central Business District or CBD. Although architectural esthethic focus has shifted someways northward to the World Trade Center and its whapping Tower 3, among the architectural wonders the LG Towers is still one of the most important buildings within the Chaoyang District.

Reflecting a tradition of the LG Company, this new Headquarters in Beijing, echoes a theme found in several previously constructed LG Buildings. The First LG Towers stand in Seoul, the Capital of South Korea (ROK) and are considered a feat of modern architecture refelecting traditional Korean designs.
The 140.5 meter twin towers on Jianguomen Wai Dajie (Jianguomen Outer Street).
Since the construction of the LG Towers a trend has been set and several other Twin Tower themed buildings have followed. Among these the most noteable are the near adjacent Yintai Towers complex which was completed a bit further to the east along Jianguomen Outer Street in the year 2007 and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Beijing.
The Yintai Center has three towers of which two seem the most prominent to passersby on street level.
The Twin Towers of the WTC Beijing again copy the Twin Theme, but have their own unique style. That is to say, most LG Towers type constructions are square or cubical, however the Beijing Towers are of a purely cylindrical design. At just under 143 Meters they leave the Seoul Headquarters as the tallest structure in the series so far. Along Jianguomen Outer Street, the height of the LG Twins has since been surpassed by several structures of which the Main Tower of the Yintai Complex is the most noteable, measuring 149.9 meters and 66 stories.

As for the important Business going on inside, for the average day visitor most of it is hidden behind walls and goes by unnoticed. For what is already a strong Chinese tendency at privacy and behind walls- and doors meetings, goes double for upscale and above places such as the LG Twin Towers and the equally popular Yintai Center with its Park Hyatt Hotel and Center at just a stroll's distance down the road.
However, publically renowned, much talked of and otherwise well advertised are a number of exclusive restaurants inside the Towers which cater too class cuisine to usually high end customers.
The elegant design of the LG Twin Towers shapes the skyline of Jianguomen Outer Street, and especially at night anyone traveling along that street must notice the linear lighting applied to the 140 meter towers (Photo: November 2007).
Address: No. 12 Jianguomen Wai Dajie, Chaoyang District Beijing.
Twin Towers Mall Address and Info :
situated at the intersection of this boulevard, Qianmen dong dajie with the circular 2nd ring road.
Once you are at Jianguomen, travel on the Red horizontal line further to the very next Station, which is Yong 'Anli.
The Red Line follows along Jianguomen Outer Street and actually passes underneath the Twin Towers.
Twin Towers from the western side. It is almost the same walking distance.
To make peace with your stomach and quell the Korean appetite head to the restaurant, located at address B 12 Jianguomenwai East Tower, to enjoy your taste of Korea. All food comes prepared by imported Chefs who use their expert cooking techniques and high quality ingredients to ensure that your meal will be fresh, delicious and as Korean as can be. Try a classic meal with barbecue beef and miso soup. Sleek, hardwood interior creates an enjoyable and authentic dining experience for all.

The Siam Lotus Thai Restaurant (Twin Towers Branch) is situated in lot 5/F at the Twin Towers Shopping Center between the towers.

For more average day Joe's, tourist and occasional visitors the Twin Towers mainly host of a large variety of restaurants, cafés, bookshops and delis provide to sustenance and
most interesting attraction by far is the its indoor ice skating ring. Naturally, there is a starbucks available for shots of caffein and free wifi connections.
Other than that there is a multitude of offices and apartments inside the towers. The Beijing Office of the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA), called an effective tool of reciprocal relations by State controlled National Xinhua Newspaper, is also housed at the Towers since May 4 of 2010.
Other exotic culinary options available at LG Twin Towers include the Gaon Korean Restaurant and the Siam Lotus Thai restaurant. Both are superb.
For those not familiar with the Korean Kitchen, Gaon is the Beijing branch of a renowned Korean-based chain of quality restaurants specializing in the Korean kitchen.
You Tube Video: Inside the LAN Club at the LG Towers in Chaoyang, Beijing.
To provide you with a little more reference, the Twin Towers stand across from the Silk Alley Building and adjacent the Arts and Crafts Mansion on Jianguomen Outer Street. Check the above Map for a mental image of the immediate area and the various nearby structures !
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1) LG Twin Towers (1) Introduction and Directions
The Seoul Towers, which stand at 143.87 meters were opened in the year 1987. As one can thereby conclude, the Beijing LG Office are the secondary Offices of LG in the world today.
The most famous such culinairy institute within the Trade Center is the LAN Club, serving mainly Sichuan Styled Kitchen, fusioned with a lot of other tastes. The LAN Club is only for the well dressed and well funded, but certainly worth a try, if only for what is perhaps the restaurants main attraction; an ultra-modern and sleak interior design especially tuned the modern and well to do Chinese.
The design by one Phillipe Starck mainly uses European Themes, such as Renaissance-style paintings hang upside down from the ceilings and white sculptures of heads. There are even fake book shelfs, creating a whacky but kozy athmosphere for the important international crowd. The entire restaurant annex entertainment club is expensively styled right down to the bizarre details in the toilet section where mirrored walls and swan-shaped foset heads set the tone.

Find the Club and Restaurant situated on Floor 4 and open daily from 11:00 to as late as 24:00, reflecting the 24 hour economy ongoing within the world trade center, the CBD and wider district.
leisure. Apart from the expensive upscale restaurants at the Towers, the
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