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Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is located at QianMen Dongdajie, immediately adjacent and on the east-side of the Old Train Station of QianMen
Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
Exhibition on the Planning of a Modern Beijing
Main Report on Wanfujing Shopping Street
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Main Report on Wanfujing Shopping Street
Cross the Boulevard to the (North) Badaling- and other Tourbusses
Visit the Hutong behind these Buildings (South)...
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Interior - General Feautures o/t Exhibition !
Main Report on Wanfujing Shopping Street
Read & See the Details of 2008 Beijing
Click Here for the Tourbus to the Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall of China
QianMen Tour Bus Station
Tourist Bus to 13 Ming Dynasty Tombs and Badaling Great Wall of China  - Take a Peek at the Qianmen Tour Bus Station ( across from the Old Qianmen Train Station ) for an easy and cheap unguided getaway to the Great Wall of China at it's nearest spot outside Beijing and the unforgettable historic 13 Ming Dynasty Tombs, which are all on the UNESCO United Nations World Heritage List. Take a Tourbus from here or other points in the Inner City. Updates as we Discover More for You !
Tourist Bus Excursion
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This page was last updated on: June 30, 2017
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