Address South Cathedral:
No. 87 Wangfujing Street, Xicheng District
10006 Beijing.
Telephone: 0086 - 10 - 6524 0634 / 2161

Beijing East Catholic Church was built in 1655 (12th Year of Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty) on the land given to Fathers Magallanes and Ludovico Buglio by the imperial family. Buglio stood under direct orders and supervision of the renowned Ferdinand Verbiest who had succeeded the deceased Adam Scall as Minister of Astronomy at the Qing Court.
Full Report on Nan Tang - South Cathedral of XiCheng District
Wanfujing Cathedral
- or Beijing's Eastern St Josephs Church -
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Eastern Church Mass Time :

Weekdays - 6:30 AM Chinese Language
                      7:00 PM Chinese Language

Weekends - 6:30 AM Latin Language
                      7:00 AM Chinese Language
                      8:00 AM Chinese Language
                      6:30 PM Chinese Language
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Visit North Church - or XishiKu Church !
Wanfujing Cathedral was re-opened in September of the year 2000.
Officially named East Church or Cathedral, but also dubbed Wanfujing Cathedral, the Church is located on the site where Italian Jesuit Priests first held an official service in Beijing. This happened in the year 1655 AD during the early  Ming Dynasty.
The original church of that Time was named the Saint Joseph's Church. It was a small church known as the Second Church of Beijing, governed by Bishop Joseph. It
The original Church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1720, and was rebuilt only to burn to the ground in 1807 AD, struck by lightning. Rebuilt once more, it was razed again during the so called "Boxer Rebellion" of 1900 AD. Meanwhile, In 1840 AD the Library attached to church burned to the ground.
After the ending of the "Boxer" conflict in 1901 AD, the Church was once more rebuilt and services resumed thereafter in 1905 AD.
Only in the period 149AD - 1951 AD ....
During the Cultural Revolution, which was rather xenofobic, doors of the East Church were closed and masses halted.

After a nearly $2 million makeover, the newly renovated church is one of the eye-catchers in Beijing's Modern City Center and in evenings, bathing in artificial lights, quite complementary to nearby Wanfujing Shopping Street. Masses are held in early morning, so get up in Time not to miss it.

Adjoining the Cathedral ia school still named the Catholic School and a small dentists office can be found behind.
The front square used to be surrounded by small Shops, which are replaced by larger and better stocked ones.

Official Folder of the East Church of Beijing, with welcome text and basic information.
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Dongjiaomin Catholic Church - St. Michaels
Photographic Introduction to the Dongjiaomin Church at the Former Legation Quarter
Located inconspicuously near ChongwenMen in the Former Foreign Legation of the Imperial City of Beijing, this small Roman Catholic Church used to be the warm and beating Heart of the European Community in the Beijing. A historic Little Church rising in Souther Dongcheng District Dongjioamin Church is still active and has Chinese Language and English Language masses throughout the Year. When touring the district, be sure to enjoy the odd view of it's European Spires. If you can - catch a Mass and enjoy the secret insides of the historic building.
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On the Times of Mattheo Ricci in Xuanwu Beijing + More !!
Source Book
"Following the Steps of Mattheo Ricci to China"
( no longer available )
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Map of DongCheng District with Location of East Cathedral and Wanfujing Street. Click Map to go to Full Version.
DongCheng District Map
X Marks Location of East Cathedral
Have a Look Inside the Church !
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This page was last updated on: June 23, 2017
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