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Eversince my first arrival in Beijing on januari 2nd 2000, very many things have changed in Beijing. So did the Beijing Police Service and it's vehicles for transportation. This page currently has only a few vehicle types, but in the near will hold an almost complete review of all current Beijing Police Cars, Trucks, Van's, Motorcycles and Special Vehicles, and using the Police's vehicles attempts to give more backgrounds on Vehicles and Police Force.
Beijing Police
Cars & Vehicles - Photos and Backgrounds
Beijing Police Museum Main Report
Environmentally friendly Beijing Police Patrol Car at Wanfujing Dajie'. For this carfree Shopping Zone in Central Beijing the Police uses special equipment , the Green
Car. The Green Car is also a tool to promote a Green Beijing 2008 Olympics.
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Beijing Police Photo Gallery at The China report
Police Vans
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Beijing Police Logo as on todays Patrol Cars.
The Green Beijing Police Car on display in front of Beijing Foreign Language Bookstore at Wanfujing Dajie'.
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The most modern and advanced of all Beijing Police Cars is undoubtedly it's small Green Car. This showpiece of the Police in a new Millenium, and symbol of Beijing's 2008 "Green" Olympics can be found patrolling Wanfujing Shopping Street at regular intervals, daily. After it's first appearance in Beijing's Wanfujing in the year 2003, little electric "green" patrol cars are now being more widely adopted in and around Beijing. Green Patrol Cars can also be found in the Forbidden City as well as the Summer Palace Park. Some green cars are not the same type as the original one depicted, as electric Golf Trolleys are also in use.
Beijing Police Patrol Cars
Parked on Zheng Yi Road in the "Police District" : One of the oldest types of Police Cars we have come across on our travels to Beijing, the Volkswagen.
The latest type of modern Beijing Police Patrol Car - The Nissan.
The standard Beijing Police Arrest-Van photographed on (Former) West Legation Street, behind the Public Security Bureau. These types are always on patrol (24 hours) at TiananMen Square.
Small toyata type mini- Arrest-Van parked on (former) West Legation Street. These types are in use around the city ferrying police personel to their patrol areas and rounding up arrested persons of lesser rank or importance.
Ying Sha = Police.
Earlier types of Police Cars include the VW - Volkswagen. These german model cars were built under license in China, and are the oldest cars in the current Police Car-pool.  Still to be seen they are now rapidly being replaced by the newer, cleaner and more modern and comfortable Nissan model.
Since the year 2000, Beijing traffic has
exploded in volume putting pressure on the Beijing Police Force to expand and
modernise at the same time. The VW cars were the first cars of the early police carpool expansion. With the rise of
car-traffic in Beijing, so rose the
air-pollution, giving rise to new stricter environmental regulations and needs for cars. The Beijing Police Force were among the first to fase in the new cleaner cars, now using a Nissan Model.
Traffic Police and Police Motorcycles
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This page was last updated on: June 29, 2017
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