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The Beijing Police Museum is located in the DongCheng District of Beijing at Jiaominxiang Lane No.36 , which is the Former West Legation Street.
In short : the Museum is located just east of TiananMen Square , in the triangle ( marked X ) between the Museum of the Revolution and Chinese History to the North , the Qianmen ( Chien Men = at the South Side of TiananMen Square ) to the South and the Capital Hotel just 2 short blocks to the East.
Because Jiaomin Xiang Dajie is not a main street of Beijing this digital photographic tour of the Museum includes a small Map of the immediate area and directions on how to get to the Beijing Police Museum.
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This report holds exclusive photos
of the Beijing Police Museums Interior (some 2000 square meters) and an introduction to the Exhibition in text with the compliments and exlusive permission from the Beijing Police Museum Management.
The Beijing Police Museum
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The Museum Exposition
Located in the Former Foreign Legation Quarter of Beijing , notorious for being the battleground of the 1900 AD Boxer Rebellion , the Beijing Police Museum is housed in a Classical western-style building with pillars, standing at a beautiful back-lane just east of Tiananmen Square. The location behind the Beijing Public Security Bureau is not a coincidence as the entire area of the Former Legation Quarter is now home to various important branches of the Beijing Municipality Government. The Police Museum Building was originally built as the First National City Bank of New York (Huaqi Yinhang), but converted on order the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau , a part of the local (party) governement, and is - in fact - their showcase to the Public.
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The Beijing Police Museum is listed as one of Beijing's Special-Interest Museums and holds historical documents , photos , items and objects illustrating the History of the Capital Public Security Force. The exhibition takes the visitor through the earliest days of Public Security in Beijing just after the 1949 AD Revolution and the chaos after the Capture of Beijing, through to todays Police-work and the equipments used by modern Beijing Police.
There also is a number of old relics from the Ching Dynasty Imperial Guards.
Special places at the Exhibition have been reserved for the Column of the Soul of the Police ( Main Hall ) and the Memorial Wall to the Martyrs ( of Public Security ( 3rd Floor ). In the latter monument the names of firemen and policemen killed in the line of Duty are enshrined.
A single admission fee to the museum is 10 yuan , which gives access to the Museum Exhibition. For a double price one can get the all-through ticket. The 20 yuan through ticket gives right to a booklet holding interesting information on the museum, and the bonusses of a Beijing Police Pin , Cartoon Keyring and ... last but not least ! : the right to try out at the Museums' electronic shooting range. Fire the weapons that are in use with the Beijing Police today. Practice in police raids, or
View directions to Beijing Police Museum
More of the ground floor exhibition : earliest photos of officers of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. The first Officers were responsible for security of the Communist Party's Central Leaders during their entry into the liberated city of Beijing and the passifying of the City thereafter. During the founding ceremony of the Peoples Republic , security was provided by the same Police Officers laying the groundwork for the Beijing Public Security Bureau in Beijing.
Later photos depict earliest reinforcements to the Beijing Public Security Bureau undergoing their basic training.
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QianMen Gate ( South )
Dongjiaomin Dajie' ( Lane ), the Former Legation Street, runs West from near TiananMen Square's East flank ( at Nanluogo Luang ) towards the East. In doing so it first crosses zheng yi lu ( double road ) , then passes behind the Capital Hotel and continues East past Dongjiaomin Catholic Church. To the South lie Qianmen DongDajie' with from West to East the Beijing Public Security Bureau, the Zheng Yi Lu Intersection and the Capital Hotel. The address Donjiaomin XIang Dajie defines the location as on the West ( Xi ) part of Dongjiaomin Lane. ( Xi = West , Dong = East ) The Museum is marked with a Red Dot.
Beijing Police
Souvenir Keyring
Beijing Police Museum Through Ticket and Souvenir Information Booklet.
Souvenir Police Logo Pin
Museum of the Revolution and Chinese
History ( North )
Capital Hotel ( East )
Zheng Yi Lu
QianMen Gate ( South )
Beijing Bureau of Public Security
The Main Hall at the Beijing Police Museum with the Column of the Soul of the Police at ít's Center.
At the Ground Floor / Main Hall :
A photo commemorating the 1949 AD Communist revolution of China depicting Party Officials, loyals and common people gathered at Tianan Gate to witness the declaring of the Peoples Republic of China by Mao Tse Tung (on October 1st , 1949 AD).
The Canon on display is a highlight of the extraordinary Police Museum Collection and is an original piece used for Firing Honorary Canon-shots during the Declaration Ceremonies.
The Uniform in the back ( yellow ) is again an original uniform worn in the founding of the Peoples Republic of China ceremony and donated to the museum with pride.
Ground floor exhibition with photos of early Beijing Public Security Officers,early headquarters and relics from the founding days of the Bureau ( a local communist party organ ).
The Ground floor exhibition further holds the column of
the Soul of the Police. This huge symbolic Column stands 6 meters high and reaches the roof of the museums' main exhibition hall. The columns' main body is poured from Solid Bronze and weighs some 5000 kilos. Depicted on it are the sword and shield that are the Emblem of the Police placed in between of a Phoenix ( symbol of reincarnation and renewal ) and a Xie Zhi ( Che' Zi ) ( a Chinese mythical animal which symbolizes law ).
The column with an Oath to the People of Beijing inscribed on the back represents the promise of the Beijing Public Security Bureau to provide the people of Beijing with security and peace and be their guide to achieve this. Just beyond is a wall honoring all the Beijing Police Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty eversince the establishment of the force in 1949 AD.
Column of the Soul of the Police and official plaquette.
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Other museum highlights are the exhibition of Police Training for and Activity during special ceremonies such as the 50th Commemorative Celebration of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China , at which time mass parades were held for a millions strong public at Tianan Men and TiananMen Square.
Most Police communication gear is on display in various versions
( hence no photo allowed ),
as are complete sets of Police Riot Gear
( also no photos allowed to us ).
Other exhibits are those of special investigative methods ( including a lie-detector ), jail houses, and of several branches of the Beijing Police.
Don't miss out on the gruesome murder scene-photos on display. There are also ( fake ) caches of seized drugs ( heroin , amphetamine pills ) and weapons.
The exhibitions continue with relics from just after the 1949 AD revolution and the into the 1950's with explanations about notorious Taiwanese insurgents, foreign spies and agents and the saving of Public Security and the revolution in China as a whole by the Agents of the Communist Party Public Security Bureau of Beijing, uncovering numerous plots against the CP Government. Displays include photos of Taiwanese agents caught, weapons caches and radio-equipment found and are usually documented by a signed confession of the accused agent. Interesting information is given on the alleged plots in which not only Taiwanese but also Japanese, Russian and even French agents are involved.
The exhibit is further dotted with photos from honorary visits by Party officials such as Mao Zedong, Deng Xiao Ping and others.
All in all the Beijing Police Museum exhibition gives an un-expected insight into Beijing's crime and public security situation. Unexpected openness is found in an exhibition about the great loss to the Police of Beijing during the Cultural Revolution period, when more than half of all Police Officers were persecuted severely.
Memorabilia show the accusations made against Beijing's Head Police Chief , his imprisonment and declarations of rehabilitation and honor.
Other surprises are the extensive attention to bombings and small terrorist acts in Beijing's more recent past. The TiananMen riots and drama however are completely left out.
A pleasant change from today's Police work can be found on the 2nd floor with an exhibition
Get instructions on which Uniform means what around Beijing
The Museum Building itself is more than 2000 square meters large , housing over 7000 exhibition items related to Police-work. There are 3 exhibition floors and 4 main exhibition halls giving the visitor a systematic insight into all periods in the History of the Beijing Police.  There are the Hall of Beijing Public Security History on the ground floor, the Hall of Criminal Investigation , the Hall of the functions of different branches of Police and last : the Hall of Police Weapons and Equipment.
Not only does the Museum employ a wide collection of interesting and authentic historic items, photos and text to make Beijing Police Work come alive for the visitor ( the exhibition includes the oldest domestic made fire-engine in Beijing ), the inclusion of the latest audio, video and digital equipment into the exhibition makes the Beijing Police even more worthwile.
Several audio and video displays are included, although only half in english language and tuned to the Foreign Visitor. The 3rd floor Hall of Weapons and Equipment is home to a fun shooting gallery where one can shoot at electronic targets. Impressing photos of historic events surrounding the 1949 revolution are jewels.
The Beijing Police Museum welcomes visitors , each day between 9:00 AM and 16:00 PM.
No bags or cameras allowed inside the building as the museum is part of the Public Security Bureau.
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A View down from the second floor at the Exhibition Hall of the Beijing Police Museum
of the later Qing Dynasties Palace Guards and police work. These include some great original Palace
Guard uniforms, as well as some original Qing Era (1644 AD  1911 AD) Beijing Police Uniforms.  This exhibition however also contains some gruesome photos of surgical-torture used as punishment. Not for the fainthearted I can assure you. In fact these unpleasant photos are by far the worst we have ever seen. If you are insist on seeing them. Check them find them on the 2nd floor of the museum (or read up on the Tianqiao Area, Wansheng Theatre and the nearby Caishikou executions grounds (of the 19th century).

Last but not least the Museum Exhibition finishes at the 3rd ( Top ) Floor with an large exhibition of fire-arms used during the history of the Beijing Public Security Bureau until today. There is a fun opportunity to try your skills at the electronic firing range. Try your luck firing a Police pistol for the first time??
Go with the Police team on an anti-crime raid and shoot the defenders.. It is all possible at the very modern Beijing Police Museum.
Giftshop with unique gifts included as Bonus!!
The Qing Dynasty Era Beijing Police in action on a Beijing Street, holding a man down and putting a short-sword to his neck. Bystanders surround the scene, awaiting what may happen next ...
The exhibition contains a multitude of original documents and photos depicting the communist leadership in a new Beijing, just after 1949 AD.
Grand Militairy Parade in Chan An Avenue and TiananMen Square, a rare but famed event which takes place only once every 10 years or more.
One of the original Field Guns used in the Declaration Ceremony of the Peoples Republic on October 1st 1949 AD, on display at the Museum.
Great Recordings of the Grand Military Reviews in Tianan Men Square - available from our Store !
Source DVD
"History o/t Grand Military Review"
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Policeman, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
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