Beijing, DongCheng District
West Legation Street (Former)
Beijing's Central City Main EMS Office is located at the corner of Qianmen Dongdajie and Zheng Yi Lu , almost

Austrian troops among others were charged with holding Canal Street in the 1900 AD Battle.
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A Full Impression of the Capital Hotel 2008 Style
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The Capital Hotel with its magnificient view of Tianan Men and the Forbidden City is located just East of QianMen and stands overlooking the entire city center.
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A Map of the Upper North-West section of Chongwen near TiananMen Square
Move West toward TiananMen Sq. - The Peoples Court of Beijing
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Local Traffic at the intersection of Zheng Yi Road(=Lu) and Former Legation Street.
Strolling past QianMen East Avenue EMS Office
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A Regular China Post Mailbox as found scattered around the City and Suburbs.
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Beijing Police Museum
Exclusive Photo Impression of the Beijing Police Museum, only at The Beijing Reporter
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The Beijing Police Museum is the Proud Showcase of the Cities Police Force and Beijing's Public Security Bureau. Located on west JiaoMin Alley, the former Legation Street, the Police Museum stands amidst the tree rich historic lanes that were once the heart of the western enclave of Beijing. This report gives an Impression of what to expect at this interesting museum on Beijing Police,  the security bureau and more. In addition we updated this report with photos and explanations on Beijing Police Uniforms and Vehicles.
North on Zheng Yi Lu to Chang An Avenue
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Schematic Map of the 1900 AD Legation Quarter and its defenses - Coming Soon !
At No 34 (on the south side of the street) is an imposing, red brick building with pillars.
Although you would not expect any such thing when looking upon it today, this is the former address of the Banque de L'Indo-Chine (Dongfang Huili Yinhang), the French Colonial Bank supported b the Empire of France.
If you were to have a chance to view the brickwork beneath the bottom windows you would find a peculiar and hidden detail.
Upon careful inspection of the brickwork under the window on the right, and you will be able to make out ghostly, faded Chinese characters proclaiming 'Long live the mighty leader Chairman Mao'. The brickwork underneath the window on the left similarly declares in almost indiscernible characters 'Long live the mighty Chinese Communist Party'. It is a relic of the Cultural Revolution Era.
The former address of the First National City Bank of New York (Huaqi Yinhang), now serving as the Beijing Police Museum.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral, the London and American missions, and the Maritime Customs burned the night of June 17th in summer of 1900 AD.
The Management Committee of the Tiananmen District government.
The former U.S. legation grounds to the South.
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Satellite Image Map of Chongwen District and the southern-most part of DongCheng District, clearly showing the extend of West- and East-Legations Street and the Legation Quarter of Beijing.
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"Strolling the Streets of Beijing"
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Map of The Beijing Legations Quarter in 1916 AD
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Schematic Map of the 1916 AD Beijing Legation Quarter, between 1861 AD - and 1919 AD home of the Colonial Embassies in Beijing,
Map depicts the Former Legations Quarter including details of the Southern City Walls and Beijing's First Railway Station (QianMen) as well as the smaller TiananMen Square of 1916 AD. Further on this Map the Location of ALL Legations of Various European and other Colonial Nations plus Todays remaining remnants and sights of the Beijing (Former) Legation Quarter.
Short Summary of Streets in the Legations Quarter with their historic relevance is included !
Read More in the 11 Page Report on the Legations Quarter of Today.
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Satellite Image Map of West Legations Street and surrounding area of Beijing, by - Mastermap of Asia (entire). weergeven op een grotere kaart
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