EMS - Any regular EMS Service available , however under Chinese Terms. This means slow processing of packages & goods. Furthermore - (in principle) a thorough Customs Check of anything you are Sending , meaning every package must be delivered open and un-sealed.
Items can be sent anywhere in China (P.R.C.) or Internationally. No illegal items will be allowed, as well as DVD's or CD-ROMS. Any CD or DVD found will be impounded (for information control and World Trade Organisation related reasons).
Packaging Materials & Tape are available , up to large sizes and quantities.
Beijing, DongCheng District
QianMen DongDajie EMS Postal Office
Beijing's Central City Main EMS Office is located at the corner of Qianmen Dongdajie and Zheng Yi Lu , almost
A Map of the 2 Souther Districts combined
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A Full Impression of the Capital Hotel 2008 Style
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The Capital Hotel with it's magnificient view of Tianan Men and the Forbidden City is located just East of QianMen and stands overlooking the entire city center.
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A Map of the Upper North-West section of Chongwen near TiananMen Square
Move West toward TiananMen Sq. - The Peoples Court of Beijing
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adjacent to the Capital Hotel & grounds. The distance from here to TiananMen Square is some 500 meters, the Capital Hotel only a 100 meters to the East. Cross QianMen Dajie' and find charming Hutong. Close by are the Beijing Police Museum, QianMen Tourbus Station, Old QianMen Station with and Internet Cafe and McDonalds and other helpful Facilities. Many Monuments can be found in the wide surrounding Area.

Services - When in Need to send Regular Mail within China (P.R.C.) or an International Package , for both The QianMen Dajie' EMS Office can be of your Service.
As with many things communications in China has traditionally been under Governement Control, with in this case the benifit that EMS is managed by and in cooperation with China Post. Thus, this Office is both a China Post Mail Station as well as the International EMS Office of the heart of the City.

Products include - Regular Mail , and possibilities to buy stamps and/or envellopes. Both Mail to within- or outside China are possible of course.
If you would like to purchase a Phone Card
or make an International Telephone call you can also find your needs Here.
QianMen Dong=East Avenue bicycle path and EMS Office
Strolling past QianMen East Avenue EMS Office
EMS & Mail Tips - As mentioned China Customs control is more stringent and thorough than in some places or Countries.
                                                              For these reason you should
                                                              count on spending
                                                              considerable time at this
                                                              Office for any mail or EMS item
                                                              you would like to send. So far
                                                              service has not improved nor
                                                              been simplified. This means
                                                              filling out multiple forms, as
                                                              well as even paying for the
                                                              forms. After doing all that you
                                                              will find you may turn in your
                                                              Forms at another Desk (Yes,
                                                              nothing will be spared upon
                                                              you). When done with that one
                                                              may wait for customs to get
                                                              down to checking your items.
                                                              This may take a while if you
                                                              have been shopping and
                                                              bring in a Box. - When the
                                                              whole process is finished and
                                                              your package has been
                                                              cleared for Customs, you may
                                                              pay and walk out a Free
Look for the Green Front saying Beijing EMS Postal Office
In other words ... we hardly recommend it. Our Tip - Use your Hotel Desk as an Intermediary, especially when staying at The Capital Hotel , one can have their packages taken care of by Hotel Personnel. This saves plenty of Time, cuts on Form Filling and discussions and does not add to your costs (Hotel Service). Only action you as a customer will have to take is collect the Packaging / Box to use. Save yourself a Mess , work with the Hotel Desk.
Opening Hours - Open 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM.
                                    All International mail should be in before 14:00
                                    (Customs Closed after 14:00)
Move East to Zheng Yi Lu
Other EMS Offices in Beijing - 1) East to Beijing Zhan Jie' EMS and China Post Office
                                                                     (= Beijing Railway Station Road )
                                                                     Directly across from Beijing Main Railway Station,
                                                                     East Chongwen District. North of Ming Dynasty City
                                                                     Walls Park (ChongwenMen).
A Regular China Post Mailbox as found scattered around the City and Suburbs.
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Map of The Beijing Legations Quarter in 1916 AD
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Schematic Map of the 1916 AD Beijing Legation Quarter, between 1861 AD - and 1919 AD home of the Colonial Embassies in Beijing,
Map depicts the Former Legations Quarter including details of the Southern City Walls and Beijing's First Railway Station (QianMen) as well as the smaller TiananMen Square of 1916 AD. Further on this Map the Location of ALL Legations of Various European and other Colonial Nations plus Todays remaining remnants and sights of the Beijing (Former) Legation Quarter.
Short Summary of Streets in the Legations Quarter with their historic relevance is included !
Read More in the 11 Page Report on the Legations Quarter of Today.
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2) Legations Quarter 1900 AD Map
3) Zheng Yi Road - Former Canal Street
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