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Welcome to The Beijing Report's Digital Introduction to Fu Wanfu Si, a hidden temple complex in the Dongcheng District of Beijing.
Fu WangFu - Prince Fu's Residence
Dongcheng District of Beijing
Directions and Map
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All Online Sources used in the creation of this Report
Overview Map of DongCheng District
The autobiography of Last Emperor Pu Yi, and more available from our Online Store !
Source Book from Emperor to Citizen
( no longer available )
Click to for an Introduction to the Palace of Prince Gong
Prince Gong's Palace & Garden
Prince Gong Residence
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Map of DongCheng District with Location of Prince Fu's Former Residence. Click Map to go to Full Version.
DongCheng District Map
X Marks Location of Prince Fu Residence !
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Photo & Source Book
"The Collection of Royal Buildings in Beijing"
( no longer available )
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This page was last updated on: June 28, 2017
1) Directions to Prince Fu Residence and Map
2) Outer Court of Prince Fu Residence
3) Second or Inner Court of Prince Fu Residence
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