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Return to the North-South Corridor West of the Central Axis
The Imperial Palace Museum
Nei Ting - Hall of State Unity (Ti Yuan Dian)
- Court -
This Hall of State Unity is also known as the Hall of Manifest Origin.
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Move North to the Palace of Eternal Spring !
Click to View Official Map of the Palace
The Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum.
Enter through the Gate into The Palace of Mental Cultivation !
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Click to View Map of Palce of Mental Cultivation and Area !
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Satellite Overview of Palace of the Six Western Palace and surrounding structures.
Satellite Overview of Yang Xin Dian - Mind Cultivation Palace and surrounding area of the Palace Museum (Gugong).
You are Here - Entrance Way
Mental Cultivation Hall - Yang Xin Dian - Interiors
Go on to the Residential Palaces via the Central Axis
Have a look inside the Hall of Great Supremacy !
The Interiors of State Unity Hall ...
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This page was last updated on: June 25, 2017
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4 Rural Districts
1) Palace of Great Supremacy (1) Directions and Main South Entrance Gate
2) Palace of Great Supremacy (2) Front (South) Court
3) Palace of Great Supremacy (3) South Hall Interiors
4) Palace of Great Supremacy (4) Hall of State Unity South Court
5) Palace of Great Supremacy (5) Hall of State Unity Interiors
6) Palace of Great Supremacy (6) Hall of State Unity North Court
*) Satellite Image Overview Map of the Palace Museum