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There is a long History i..
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The Imperial Palace Museum
Outer Court (Wai Chou)
(3) Interiors & Exhibition
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The Modest Interior of the Gate of Martial Valor.
The intricate bracket-systems of the roof of the Gate of Military Eminence and a modern surveilance camera of the Palace Museum Security Office.
View of the Two-Tiered Roofing of the nearby West Flowery Gate - Xi Hua Men. Some distance further lies the Zhong Nan Hai Palace Garden, a former Part of the Imperial Palace of the 18Th Century Ching Dynasty.
Frontal view of ...
A side view of the Northern Bays of the Hall of Military Valor and it's Roof.
The Central white marble walkway of the Hall of Martial Valor, resonating the architecture of the  Central and Most Sacred Palace of Heavenly Purity.
First view of ...
View the Central Court of the Hall of Martial Valor.
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This page was last updated on: June 24, 2017
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* West Gate of Harmony (XiHe Men)
* Hall of South Fragrance (Nanxun Dian)
1) Hall of Martial Valor - Entrance Way and Gate
2) Hall of Martial Valour - South Court and Exteriors
3) Hall of Martial Valor - Interior (Exhibition Halls)
M) Overview Map of the Palace Museum