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TiananMen Square & History - Introduction
Tian an Men and Square
Tian An Men , or the Gate of Heavenly Peace at DongChangÁn Jie and TiananMen Squares Northern Flank. Behind the traffic at Beijing's busiest avenue , TiananMen and the Southern Buildings of the Forbidden City are clearly visible.
Welcome to the world famous and renowned TiananMen Square , the Square of Heavenly Peace at the political heart of China's People's Republic. Monuments include the Great Hall of The Peoples, Tian an Men, The Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution, the China National Flag, TiananMen The Gate and ofcourse the Famed Mao Zedong Memorial Mausoleum. Walk around the largest square parading ground in the World and enjoy the sights, sounds and sceneries.
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A map of the wider TiananMen Square area plus Forbidden City Area and surroundings. A map of the wider Palace Museum / Forbidden City area , with the Palace Moat, Zhongshan Park and the Park of the Peoples Culture Included. Very Accurate Map of The Imperial Palace Museum Grounds, including names of all Pavillions and the area of Zhongshan Park and the Park of the Peoples' Culture
(Both between TiananMen en Wumen Gate)
No building left out !
TiananMen (Sq.) and Palace Museum Maps
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A View at the Square of Heavenly Peace, from the 1st Floor of Ming Tien Coffee Language, a now closed establishment with a certain grandeur.
Historic Events at The Square of Heavenly Peace
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Satellite Image of TiananMen Square provided by Google Maps - Click Here.
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Directions to The Square of Heavenly Peace
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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2008 AD - Click Map for FULL Version !
A Satellite Image Based Map of The Square of Heavenly Peace - TiananMen Square + All 6 Monuments at Tian an Men Square
The Square of Heavenly Peace is located at the very Center of the City of Beijing, just South of The Palace Museum.
The Square can be accessed from all directions, North-South and West through several pathways and is reachable by Bus, Metro/Subway, Car or Taxi, Rickshaw or Bicycle and on Foot. Some daring Tourist have even been spotted on Skates, but this is hardly advisable with current traffic levels.
The Only Thing to Remember is that no vehicles are alllowed to stop, drop off passengers or park immediately at TiananMen Square, TianAnMen Gate, or the two flanks formed by the Great Hall and the National Museum. There are no Bus Stops at the Square nor a Subway Station. In other words - you can get there, but you can't get off.
The Easiest Road to The Square of Heavenly Peace
therefor leads by Subway. Get off conveniently near the Square by traveling on the Central Red Line to TiananMen East- or West-Stations, or by the Circular Blue line to end up at QianMen Station, on the very southern Tip of TiananMen Square.
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Please use the adjacent satellite image based Map of the Square of Heavenly Peace to navigate the Square, Monuments and various roads leading to and from the Square.
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What did the Square used to Look Like ?
Read More on the Gate of Heavenly Peace and the Monuments of the Northern Section of Tian'AnMen Square
Explore the Flanks of the Giant Square of Heavenly Peace
Find out More about the Monuments at Southern Section of the Largest Square in the World !
Explore hidden Sites around the Southern End of Tain'AnMen Sqaure
Click through adjacent Links to learn more about the Largest Square in the World and World History.

Easily navigate the various sections of the Square of Heavenly Peace, starting in the North and Ending Up in the very South around the Former Front Gate of the Imperial Capital of Emperors !
Satellite Image of TiananMen Square provided by Google Maps - Click Here.
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Tiananmen Square has been the site of a number of political events and student protests. These include the proclamation of the People's Republic of China by Mao Zedong on October 1, 1949; annual mass military displays on all subsequent National Days until October 1st 1959; the 1984 military parade for the 35th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and the 50th anniversary in 1999; and for mass rallies during the Cultural Revolution.

The site has also played host to a series of demonstrations by authorities in power, including the Allied Army's Victory March in 1900 celebrating their occupation of Beijing after the Boxer Rebellion, the grand march of Gen. Zhang Xun on June 1917 in remembrance of his restoration of imperial order, the institution of the puppet regime under Japanese rule, the parade of Republican troops on the recapture of Beijing, as well as the "elaborate National Day parade shortly after the People's Liberation Army blood-washed the Square in 1989."

It has also been the site of a number of protest movements.
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May Fourth Movement of 1919 AD. Students march down to Tiananmen in mass protest. The first such revolutionary protest at Tiananmen and the later expanded square.

The protests of March 18, 1926[4]

The Demonstration of December 9, 1935 (the "December Niners"), sparking the resistance against Japanese invasion.

An anti-autocratic movement on May 20, 1947 during the Civil War.

Tiananmen protest in 1976 after the death of Zhou Enlai coinciding with Tomb-Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Festival).

The 1977 and 1978 Beijing Democracy Movement, which
saw attempts at elimination of the Government monopoly
on information through the media and other channels. Emergence of the now famed "Democracy Wall" at Tiananmen Square.

Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989.
Other Historic Evenst at Tiananmen Square since the year 1989 AD were:

Celebrations of 50Th Birthday of the Peoples Republic of China, October 1st 1999.

Opening of the Beijing Olympic Games with lasershow and mass fireworks at Tiananmen Square and the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium.

Celebrations of 60Th Birthday of the Peoples Republic of China, October 1st 2009.
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