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Public Transportation in Changchun
Main Railroad Station of Changchun - Photos and Introduction
Changchun is a large City with no less than three passenger railway stations. Most trains however only stop at the Changchun Zhan (长春站), the Central Railway Station of the City.

The Main Railway Station of Changchun is a large facility that sees many daily departures. Connections run North to through Songyuan to Harbin the Capital of Heilongjiang Province, Eastward through to Jilin City to Yanji - the Capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, South through Siping to Shenyang and Dalian in Liaoning Province, and from there on Beijing and Beijing Main Railway Station.
Finally connections link directly Westward to Baicheng or via the North to Songyuan and Da'an, then to Baicheng. Baicheng is the gateway into Inner Mongolia AR.

Find the Main Railway Station on the Western Bank of the Yitong River, at about the height of only small river bend. There is a large bridge crossing the River just East of the Main Station.
Longjia - Main Airfield at Changchun - More information
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Changchun has its own International Airport at Longjia village, at quite a distance, some 31 kilometers due East of the City. The Airport lies at 71 kilometers from Jilin City which City is served along with the City of Changchun by Longjia International Airport.
Longjia is one of China's brandnew Airport facilities with a key function in the North-East. Opened for operations on August 26th of 2005 AD, Flights from Longjia Airport connect through to internal destinations throughout China (Beijing - Capital Airport, Dalian, Guangzhou (Canton), Hangzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzen, to Wuhan, Xi'An (Airport) and Yantai), within Jilin Province to Yanji City - the Capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and to International Destinations in Japan (Tokyo-Narita and Nagoya City) and South Korea (Sendai City and Seoul-Incheon International Airport).
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Public Transportation in the City of Changchun is centered around many Bus-Lines, Taxi Cabs, the Light Railway and the one remaining traditional tram-route, Line 54. There is no subway/metro or underground train system in Changchun today.

Apart from the above, Changchun City is serviced by its very own International Airport, Changchun Longjia. The Airport is located due East outside of the City (More Below).
One of the historic Jewels and Tourist Attractions of Changchun is the Line 54, part of one of the three still operational traditional tram systems in Cities in China today. Similar Trams are in operation only in Dalian (Liaoning Province) and on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong City.

First established by the Japanese sponsored Manchukuo government, the First tram line in Changchun opened on November 11, 1941 AD. Only four years later, and regardless of wartime woes, in 1945 the Changchun tram had expanded to 7 lines and operating a total of 73 trains. The trains were the pride of a truely modern city. At its peak in 1960 AD, the Changchun traditional tram had 6 lines and 88 trains and city tracks covered almost 53 km.

Currently there is only one line, Line No. 54, remaining. Find Line 54, in the City Center on the Westbank of the Yitong River running a track of some 7.6 km long. The one tram line ferries passengers between Xi'an Road and Gongnong Road (Hongqi Street) at some distance South-West of the Main Railway Station of Changchun.

Line 54 tram and system were renovated in the year 2000 AD adding completely modernized environmentally friendly and freshly designed cars (The new cars are Series 700 "Dalian, Series 200 "Japan" and Series 800 "YK4600") and which will keep up passenger service for a long time to come.
Changchun Light Railway System - The New City Transportation System
Keeping with tradition, the City of Changchun, in history the first City in China to introduce a modern day tram system reinvented itself with the introduction of a new Light Railway System in the year 2000 AD. According to sources Changchun was the first City in mainland China to introduce such a Light Railway Transit System.

The First Fase of the Light Railway Line 3 was completed in 2001 AD and the Tram officially opened service in 2002 AD. The last Phase of Line 3 is expected to be complete in 2009 AD.

The Light Railway System (LRT) of Changchun started out with only 2 lines (3 and 4) and 13 kilometers of tracks, however recent years have already seen expansions. A further two lines of the light railway system are currently being completed. Line 1, running from Yongchun in the North to Lanjia in the South is under construction and expected complete in 2011, reaching a length of 20km across the City.

Line 4, the original Blue Line, counts 16 stations, connecting from the North-West to the South-East and crossing the Yitong River.
Line 3, the Red Line, will have nearly tripled in length, snaking through the City from North to South and crossing the Yitong River twice. Line 3 connects from beyond Yongning Road on the West Bank of the Yitong River through many stations to Yingyuetan Park, the Skiing Fields (Grounds) and ultimately to Changyingshijicheng.
The new lines connect North to South (Line 1) and another East to West across the City and outskirts. Still planned for the Future are a Light Rail connection to the Economic Development Zone of some 20km and Line 5 between Xinglongtuan and Fufengtuan.

Operating Hours of the Light Trains are 6:00 AM to 21:00 PM. At 21:00 PM both last trains of each line leave the termini at Changying World Plaza and Changchun Station for their last run of the day. Fees
are between 2 and 4 Yuan/RMB (2006 Prices).
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The historic first airport of Changchun, Changchun Dafangshen Airport was established in 1941 AD during the Manchukuo period, but was closed in 2005 AD.
Soundbonus: Changchun City Street Sounds with Honking Taxi's. Pedestrains, Trolleys, Busses and Bicycles passing.
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