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This High Detail Map of Central Xian gives an Overview of East Xian City & Suburbs. All major streets, landmarks, monuments & tourist hot-spots, important service buildings and Hotels within the area depicted. Scroll up and down for use. Click Map to Enlarge even further and search for streets, buildings and other Xian Ancient Walled City Area details.
More Xian City Maps, including Ch'Ing Tombs & Terracotta Army are found via the button below.
Xian Report
To the Full 25-page Digital Report on The Forbidden City
Introduction to Xian East District & Suburbs
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Detailed Map of ALL Forbidden City Structures
More Xian Report Maps
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Photo of the outlook onto the Harmony Square at the Forbidden City. Photo taken from Extensive Digital Tour by the Beijing Report.
The Official Xian Terracotta Army DVD.
Kai Yuan Shopping Mall Photos
East Gate
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High Detail Map of Xian City
All Main Streets , Roads and even Alley's (Hutong) of Old Xian + Area.
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