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- Short Introduction To the Temple of Enlightenment -
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An Ancient Temple in Mentougou District, Beijing
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Over the years 2003-2004 the clay sculptures of the Historic 1000 year old Temple were reconstructed.
Among things, cracks had appeared between the main body and base of the suspended clay sculpture wall with a Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara) in the Center, inside the Amitayus Hall of the Temple Complex. Urgent repairs were needed to prevent the statue from falling from its base.

Apart from the sculpture wall various other Buddha Statues have been repaired using traditional methods. These other Statues at Dajue Temple had sadly been destroyed, smashed by zealous Revolutionary Guards during the Cultural Revolution Era.  The Statue of the smiling and big-bellied Maitreya Buddha, the Four Heavenly Kings, Skanda the Guardian of Buddhism, and 18 devotees of the Buddha known as Arhats had been reduced to mere smithereens. Through a meticulous process of piecing the statues together, a specialist team from Shanxi Yutian Sculpture Company has managed to restore the Statues.

The 24 statues have re-arisen from their miserable state. Endowed with fresh and natural faces (the most difficult part of the restoration process), they are ready to greet a new audience of tourists and worshippers.
Today 24 Replica sculptures are in place in their original settings within the temple. The painting of the sculptures, the second phase of the restoration of Dajue Temple's Art is nearing completion.
Dajue Temple was originally built during the Liao Dynasty (907 AD - 1125 AD). It was reconstructed during the early years of the Ming Dynasty,  in 1428 AD of the Xuande Reign. Apart from the Statues, there is a jewel of a white Dagoba or Stupa at the Temple.
The Temple lies at the foot of mount Yantai in Mentougou District, part of the North-Western outer suburbs of Beijing. Various Flower Trees grow in the Courtyards of Dajue Temple, some of which are over a 1000 years old. A Tea House set inside the Temple Grounds offers the best way to enjoy the Trees when flowering.

Bus Line: 346 from the Summer Palace. From Summer Palace head down to Zhoujiaxiang. From there it is a 20 minute walk. Bring a Map !
Or Take Bus Line 903 out of Xiaoying roundabout at Qinghe Village in the Changping District. Follow the Line to Dajue Si Bus Stop.
Temple of Enlightenment - Dajue Si
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