This Satellite Image dated 26 November 2004 , gives a clear overview of Central Beijing City, with clockwise the Xicheng, Dongcheng,Chongwen and Xuanwu Districts within the area of the Former City Walls (now 2nd Ring Road). Outside the Box-like Shape in the Photo, large area's of the outlaying districts of Haidian (North-West, includes Beijing Zoo), ChaoYang (East) and the large Fengtai (South) District can be viewed. In the extreme south-west lies WanPing Village and beyond the City Province, so far including mainly farmlands and industrial buildings. The City, however is fast expanding and surely new developments will have taken place, especially outside the City. The City is rapidly undergoing transformation, not only in advance of the 2008 Olympics, but further as a part of the city modernization plan to be completed in 2010 AD. Already clearly visible in the Xicheng District just West of the Great Hall of the Peoples, is the National Theatre Dome. Other Olympic constructions such as the Olympic Stadia and Olympic Village all lie Due North of this image, beyond Beijing- and Xinhua- Universities in the Haidian District. Included in this Map, links to well-known and easily recognizable landmarks in each district of the City, for easy reference, identifying and finding locations.
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Introduction to Satellite Image of Central City Beijing - South Sector + Southern Villages
Mouse over Image to reveal Imperial City Border and Other Details
WanPing Village and Marco Polo Bridge
TianTan Park (Introduction)
JingShan Park Imperial Garden
TiananMen Square ( Main Menu)
JinDing - Silver Ingot Bridge
WuMen Gate + Forbidden City
Grand View Garden
BeiHai Park South Main Gate
Beijing Zoo
YongHeGong - Lama Temple
WanFujing Street
NanTang - South Cathedral
Monastry of the White Clouds
TianNing Pagoda
Hong Qiao Market
National Library
National Theatre Dome
Liu Lichang Street
Ancient Observatory
Mouse over Image to reveal Imperial City Border and Other Details
Beijing Zhan - Main Railway Station
Bell- & Drum-Tower
YuYuanTan Park & Lake
Dashilan Street
Confucius Temple
DongBianMen-Red Gate-South-East Corner Watchtower
ChongWenMen - Ming Dynasty Era City Walls Park
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Bao Guo Temple
Ox Street Mosque
Tombs, the Sacred Way, Beijing, China
Ming Tombs, the Sacred Way, Beijing, China Photographic Print
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Northern Church - Church St.Savior
White Dagoba - MiaoYing Temple
Designates late Ming Dynasty Protective Wall surrounding Fengtai and Chongwen
Designates 15Th Century Ming Dynasty Defensive Wall of the Imperial Capital City
Designates outer perimeter of the Inner Imperial City, an expanded Palace Area during the Ching Dynasty.
Designates 15Th
Century Ming Dynasty Palace and Ching Dynasty expansions, comprising the Purple Imperial "Forbidden" City, most exclusive part of Beijing.
Beijing Western Railway Station
Soong ChingLing Residence Museum
Guanghua - Spacious and Beautiful Temple
Lotus Lane - Qianhai Lake
BeiHai Park North Main Gate
Tianqiao - Wansheng Theatre(s)
Prince Fu Residence - Fu WangFu
Prince Gong Residence - Gong WangFu
YongDingMen (Restored Gate)
Red Theatre - Legend of Kung Fu
DongSi Mosque
Foreign Legations Quarter - Now Government District
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