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All Backgrounds sources on Shanxi Province History and Monuments, tourism, etc.
Gansu Province Sources
Most Source Books available Online from ChinaReport /DrBen.Net Online Store.
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JiaYuGuan City in General
Landmarks of the City
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----> History of the Silk Road :
Silk Road & Cities Online Sources
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* JiaYuGuan Travel Guide - Good Introduction and description of Climate, by TravelChinaGuide.com
First Backgrounds on JiaYuGuan, Gansu province
A List of all our written sources to JiaYuGuan City & History
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History of JiaYuGuan
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* Olympic Torch Relay Route 2008.
Complete List of Olympic Torch Relay Route Points for 2008 AD. Includes JiaYuGuan Gansu.
View a Listing of the Olympic Torch Relay Route 2008
All Sources on Gansu Province !!
All Backgrounds sources on Shanxi Province History and Monuments, tourism, etc.
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* "The Suspended Great Wall", by ChinaHighlights.com. Some minimal backgrounds with the Suspended Arm Great Wall of China site at JiaYuGuan
Deatails on the Suspended Arm Great Wall ...
* JiaYuGuan, Wei + Jin Dynasty Tombs - Images.
Near Complete Set of depictions of the Murals & Art found inside the Tombs, near JiaYuGuan Gansu.
JiaYuGuan Wei/Jin Tombs Murals + Images, by University of Pennsylvania Library
English Language !
* JiaYuGuan City - Short Introduction and Basics on JiaYuGuan, by Wikipedia.Org
Wikipedia on  JiaYuGuan, Gansu province
English Language !
* JiaYuGuan City - Very Short Introduction and Basic Information, by Wikipedia.Org
Wikipedia on JiaYuGuan City
Chinese Language !
* JiaYuGuan City Peoples Government Official Website - All official information on JiaYuGuan City, by jyg.gansu.gov.cn
Official Website City Government JiaYuGuan, Gansu province
English Language !
* JiaYuGuan Overview - Short Introduction and description of Great Wall, by ChinaCultureCenter.Org
Basics on  JiaYuGuan, Gansu province
English Language !
* JiaYuGuan Overview - Great and up to Date Introduction to JiaYuGuan City Today, by ChinaTravel.com
JiaYuGuan reviewed by ChinaTravel.com !
English Language !
* China / Gansu Province / JiaYuGuan / Great Wall. Amusing Blog Item by Don Croner about a visit to JiaYuGuan and the Great Wall of China, at doncroner.net
Don Croners Ranting on travel in Gansu Province ...
English Language !
* Gobi Desert - JiaYuGuan to Dunhuang. Thrilling account of a bicycle ride from JiaYuGuan to Dunhuang along the Hexi Corridor and Great Wall of China remnants, by CrazyGuyonaBike.com
A Crazy Bike Ride from JiaYuGuan to Dunhuang - Insane !
English Language !
* JiaYuGuan Travel & Tour. Interesting introduction to JiaYuGuan and Landmarks, Culture, Climate and More,  by TravelChinaTour.com
Full Introduction JiaYuGuan City & Customs !
See Also - The Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty history.
This page was last updated on: July 26, 2017
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