Below is a brief Listing of worthwhile Satellite Overviews of specific Tibetan Regions and Territories in Tibet, the Peoples Republic of China and beyond.
General Satellite Map Overviews of Tibet and Tibetan Regions
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Tibet ( Bod ; Tuv)
Tibet () Satellite Image Maps - Index
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Map of the Gobi Desert & Yellow River Flow
A Satellite Image Map of the Entire Gobi Desert Region and the relative position of the City Datong in it. Map overviews North-West Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and North and North-Eastern China giving a Full Overview of the Gobi Deserts. Clearly visible details of geographical features such as mountain ranges, rivers, valleys and lakes, national borders, name and location details of Cities and Villages (clearly visible).
Mouse over Image to Reveal more information and follow the flow and path of the yellow river from Xining in Qinghai Province to the Bohai Sea. Details of old / former Yellow River flow (south of  new) and new trajectory to the Bohai Sea.
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The Tibet Satellite Maps Index gives access to all Satellite Image Maps relevant to Tibet AR + Qinghai, larger Tibet (Nation of Tibet) & Area's of Specific Interest within that Region, as used and/or produced by Please use these Maps to find your way easily around the Region, Cities, Area's and many Monuments & Landmarks.
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Map o/t Taklamakan Desert & Tarim River Basin (in Xinjiang-Uygur AR)
A Satellite Image Map of the entire Taklamakan Desert and the Tarim River Basin in Xinjiang-Autonomous Region of Western China.
Map gives explanation and backgrounds to Local Geography, the Flow of the Tarim River from the Pamir Mountains in the West to Lop Nur (Dry) in the East, ancient Oasis Cities of the Tarim Basin and Taklamakan Desert, the North and South Routes of the Silk Road in this Area, Past and Current Climate and Historic Backgrounds.
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Gansu Province Map 3 - Satellite Map
A Satellite Image based Map of Gansu Province entire and neighboring provinces clearly depicting the natural terrain features that shaped the Province of Gansu in History. Browse around the Image to the outlines of the Gobi & Tengger Deserts, view the Qinghai Plateaux extending from the West providing borders with Gansu Province and Sichuan Province. Central Gansu Province around the Capital of Lanzhou is formed by the Loess Plateaux and the flow valley of the Yellow River (Huang He). Otherwise distinct areas are the Throat of China, Hexi Corridor extending to the North-West and the Ningxia Yellow River Valley, a separate autonomous region and green patch in the North-East.
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A Full Google Earth Supported Map of the PRC, Tibet & Tibet Autonomous Region by MasterMap of Asia Entire:
Browse the Peoples Republic of China, Mongolia, the Koreas and all National Capitals in Asia. Browse your location(s), click the Map Pins for Brief Information and Link Options. Link through to additional Online Chapter of location as well as additional Map info, photos and backgrounds.
Master Map of Asia includes all National Capitals in Asia, Provincial Capitals in The Peoples Republic of China, Rivers, Lakes and Waterways in The Peoples Republic of China, Provincial Capitals of Mongolia, Provincial Capitals and Cities in North Korea and South Korea.
-Map Edited nearly every day of every year! -

Tibet - Tibetan Plateux - Satellite Image Overview Map 1A
A Satellite Image overview Map of the entire Tibetan Plateaux including parts of bordering regions of Xinjiang-Uyghur AR, Gansu Province, Ningxia Hui AR, Inner-Mongolia AR, Sichuan Province, and Yunnan Province. Surrounding nations and Territories are: Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Kashmir and Pakistan.
This Map clearly defines Provinces and Regions, main mountain ranges, main rivers & lakes of the region, locations of main cities and landmarks.
Tibetan Plateaux Satellite Overview
Satellite Image Overview of the Tibetan Plateaux !!
Satellite Image Overview of India, Tibet and More !
India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet AR Satellite Image Overview 1A
India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet AR - Satellite Image
Overview Map 1A
A Satellite Image based overview Map of India entire, including a large part of North-West Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Parts of Yunnan Province of China and Myanmar (Burma) are also visible. This Map clearly defines Nations, Provinces and Regions, as well as geographical features such as main mountain ranges, famous mountain peaks with heights, main rivers & lakes of the region, basins and plains, plus the locations and names of main cities, towns, monuments and landmarks.
Browse the Map and follow the Links where available to access more maps, information and photos on each location and landmark.
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Asia Report - Map East Asia - Prefectures and Provinces.
A Satellite Image Map of the better part of East Asia focussing in the Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of Mongolia.
Map depicts all Prefectures within the Peoples Republic of China as well as the Provinces (Aimag) of the Republic of Mongolia. Further included are parts of neighboring nations of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tuva Republic, parts of Siberia and the Russian Federation, both Koreas (North and South), southernmost Japan, Taiwan, Northern Vietnam, Laos, the larger part of Myanmar (Burma), Eastern India (including Sikkim and Aranuchal Pradesh), Bangladesh, Nepal, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Bangladesh and occupied Tibet.
Browse the Map and navigate through to each City Prefecture, Rural Prefecture or Ethnic Minority Autonomous Prefecture within the Peoples Republic of China today. Full names are given where possible. Map further includes location of main cities where convenient for better understanding of Map and Locations.
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Tibet Historic Maps
Google Map o/t Nation of Tibet & Tibetan Area's - General Map; by Crowdsourcing Project 1A
A General Geographic Overview Map of the Nation of Tibet and all Tibetan Area's.

Map information = Under Editing.
Project started: 25 May 2015.

Map Crowd Sourced via the AsiaReport Crowd sourced Tibet Map Project.
For more information on the Map Project, visit: Tibet Travel Community on Facebook and/or click through to find Map Project Planning, instructions & information on how to join (in) !
Harvard Educational Map o/t Tibetan Plateaux i.e. Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and Qinghai Province -  Geographic Map
A Google generated Map of the Tibetan Plateaux by Harvard University.
Available (layered) Map information includes (layers): Tibetan Townships, Major Buddhist Monasteries, Minor Monasteries, Nature Reserves in the Peoples Republic of China, Geographic Data on Cities and Towns in Tibet Autonomous Region in 2008, China Roads and Highways in 2008.
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Asia - Master Map of Asia (Entire) - Asia Overview Map.
Below is a brief Listing of worthwhile Satellite Images and Satellite Image Maps of specific Tibetan Regions and Territories of Interest in Tibet, the Peoples Republic of China and beyond.
Maps of Specific Tibetan Regions of Interest
Mount Everest: Base Camps - History; year 2015 Satellite Image
This is Satellite Image Map of the Mount Everest focussing on Base Camps, and basic information about the history of climbing the famous and deadly mountain. By Virtual
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Tibet Weather Overview Map; Current weather o/t Tibetan Plateaux
A Google generated Satellite Image Map of the current weather for various locations across the Tibetan Plateaux.
Map by China Government sponsored
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All Funds donated will go directly into site development and the exploration of more historic sites in Tibet, Mongolia and the Peoples Republic of China, returning information for your benefit, entertainment and education. Thank You from DrBen, Staff and all Friends and Fans !
Tibet & Himalayan Library; Interactive Map of Tibet
A Google generated Satellite Image Map featuring various layers Demographic Information of great interest, as well as the location of Archaeological sites of Pre-Buddhist Upper Tibet.
Map by (Tibetan and Himalayan Library Online)
Full Map of Transportation options in Asia, China and Mongolia. - Intl. Airports, Airports,Train Stations.
Asia China Mongolia Transportation - Airports & Railroads Satellite Map
This Satellite Image provides an overview of all International Airports in Asia, all Airports in China (PRC) and Mongolia. In addition all military airbases in China (PRC) listed.
Navigate map and click pins for additional information and video where available. Link through from any pin to location information and backgrounds.
Overview all transportation in the Peoples Republic of China and additional Asian Nations in one glance.
Direct Hotel & Resort booking + additional packages linked by location across China, Mongolia and neighboring Asian Nations.