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Ming Dynasty and Tombs Museum - Archeological Finds
This page was last updated on: June 10, 2017
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Map of the Ming Tombs Site outside Beijing
Welcome to the Beijing Ming Tombs short introduction by The Beijing Report , a photographic virtual tour giving you a good first impression of the Ming Dynasty Tombs outside Beijing City, one map of the area and one map of the burial sites, some first backgrounds and information on the history of the Ming Dynasty Tombs and a link-page to other web-sites containing information on the subject.

The Ming Tombs Report will continue with a Full Report on Chang Ling and Ding Ling Tombs.
A short introduction to the Exhibitions inside the impressive new museum hall adjacent Ding Ling Mausoleum.
Changping Village and the road to the Ming Tombs.
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Ming Tombs Map
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The other Tombs, Tai Ling, Kang Ling, Mao Ling, Yu Ling, Qing Ling, Xian Ling, Jing Ling, Yong Ling, De' Ling and Si Ling are not included, but some have been visited by Us. Update coming soon !
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Photos taken during the initial opening and explorations of DingLing Tomb, and the discoveries made inside.
The Crown of a Ming Empress. a Replica after that found in one of the Tombs in the Ming Tombs Valley, Ding Ling underground Mausoleum..
More photos from the initial discoveries made inside DingLing Tombs and replicas of artifacts from all excavated sites.
The Battle helmet of the Ming Emperor, decorated with fine gold, but otherwise extremely solid head gear.
A complete scale model of the Ming Tombs Valley lay-out , the ShisanLing water reservoir and all 13 Tombs.
Go on to the Chang Ling - the Mausoleum of Zhu Di Emperor Yongle
Go to the Introduction on the Ming Tombs
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Go on to the Chang Ling - the Mausoleum of Zhu Di Emperor Yongle
Go to the Introduction on the Ming Tombs
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Scale model of Chang Ling , the Tomb of the Third Ming Emperor Zhu Di, Yongle.
Go on to the Ding Ling - the Mausoleum of Emperor Renzhong
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