South Street - Mingshan Lu
Browse around South Street and the Sand Dunes !
West Street - YangGuan Zhong Lu
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East Street - YangGuan Dong Lu
Discover the East Side of Dunhuang City !!!
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Dunhuang Landmarks & Monuments
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White Horse Temple
Browse around White Horse Temple & Park
Dunhuang Mosque
The Main Mosque of the City
Shazhou Central Square
Browse around Central Square in Dunhuang
Explore the South of Dunhuang
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Sanwei Buddhist Holy Mountain
The Hidden Buddha of Sanwei Mountain
Leading away Eastward from Shazhou Central Square is YangGuan Dong Lu, the Main Eastern thoroughfare of Dunhuang City. Follow YangGuan Dong Lu Eastward to pass Shahzhou Night Market, the Dunhuang Museum, it's Luminous Jade Cup Factory, the Xinhua Book Store and Hotels. As the main connection to the East, YangGuan Dong Lu leads away from City Centre towards the (former) Eastern Gate. After leaving the East Gate the street connects to a highway and the Dunhuang Railway Station, the Airport and Mogao Caves.
The Main Eastern Boulevard of Dunhuang
Follow South Street or Mingshan Lu from the Centre of Dunhuang untill it's termination point in the very South outside of Dunhuang at Sighing Sands Mountain (Mingsha Shan) and nearby Crescent Moon Pool. Scattered along the length of this main South Boulevard in Dunhuang are the CITS Travel Service, next the Main Bus Station of Dunhuang, then the Police Station, and after crossing a major artery of the Cities' irrigation system - Farms, the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel, various odd Museum and the Sand Dunes of Mingsha Shan where the Crescent Moon Spring is hidden.
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A Tour of the Oldest and Largest Ceramic Screen in China !
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Located due East of the Mogao Caves complex Sanwei Mountain is one of the lesser visited places near Dunhuang. At a relatively small distance driving out of Dunhuang, some 18 kilometers some of which along a treacherous road through ravines and underneath steep cliffs and rock-falls Sanwei Mountain Valley and Temple Complex offer a rich reward for visitors. Admire the GuanYin Well Buddhist Temple Pavilions and their Murals, pray at the Multiple Altars and then come face to face with Sanwei Mountain's Gargantuan Guanyin Buddha Statue !
Take a Tour along the lenghty main Western Boulevard out of Dunhuang Town. Leading away westward from Central Shazhou Square West Street is the location of the Main Post Office, the Bank of China, City Hall and a number of Hotels. Among the roads and sites reachable easily from West Street - YangGuan Zhong Lu, are Mingshan Lu - the Main Boulevard leading South and the Ancient Open Market Street. Located farther away on West Street, across the River Dang, are an ancient Fire-Beacon of the Great Wall of China and White Horse Temple. And that is not all ! As can be derived from it's name, West Street continues for some 80 kilometers, all the way to YangGuan Pass.
The Main Upper HuaYan Monastery with Unique Buddhist Statues !
To the Hidden Temples of Sanwei Mountain
Visit the Southern City Walls and former South GateMonastery
The Modern Central Square of Dunhuang is named Shazhou, after the ancient first name of the City of Dunhuang in History. Apart from a modern sculpture of a Flying Apsara, the virtual city Logo of Dunhuang, the Central Square offers a large Store as well as several smaller Ones. Well-placed on various points on raods leading away from the Square are the Shazhou Night Market, several Hotels, the China Post Central Post Office and the Bank of China.
Walk around White Horse Temple & Park !
Constructed between ....
Owing much to its remote location, the negative local situation for agriculture and the roughness of the surrounding terrain, the size of the City of Dunhuang has been relativily small during most of its History.
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The ancient Fourth Century Dagoba of the White Horse, about a mile west out of Dunhuang.
Western Open Market Street
Head South from West Street into the Open Market Area !
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Film Fortress Dunhuang
The Film Studio annex Fake Ancient Fortress
Go see this Famous Film Set annex Historic Mock-Up !
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Ming Sha Shan - Sighing Sands Mountain
5Th Century Yungang Grottoes
Explore the Most Spectacular Attraction in Town !!
A Dramatic Landscape awaits at Mingsha Shan Sand Dunes and the nearby wonder of the Crescent Moon Spring. Among the Top Attractions of Dunhuang, Mingsha Shan Dunes reach well over a 100 meters in height and dominate the horizon South of Dunhuang Town. Head to the sand dunes on Camel-back by Guided Tour, rent a Jeep or Quad, or be a champ and challenge the Sands on Foot ! Miles of Sands await in between of which lies the hidden Crescent Moon shaped Spring and Temple Pagoda, a unique architectural treasure of western China. Have a blast and make a fly-over by ultra-light !
Western Cemetary
Explore the Graveyard in the Western Desert
Get away from Tourist Ventures, Tour-groups, Time Schedules and Earthly Luxuries to explore the Desert Tombs of Dunhuang. Located far out of town, due West of the new Dunhuang City, the Western Cemetary offers a getaway from it all. Stand in the rocky desert between wind-and sand-swept tombs of former inhabitants. Still active, the western cemetary is among the largest cemetary sites scattered around Dunhuang's Town and Farms. It also offers an unprecendented experience of desert isolation.
Dunhuang Museum
Discover the East Side of Dunhuang City !!!
Rated by Many as a disappointed the small Dunhuang Museum on East Street is so far the only Museum to be located inside of Dunhuang Town. Admire the modernized front of the Museum and/or browse around inside the relish at the examples of early archeological finds in and around the City and catch up on some history of the Silk Road in which Dunhuang was a vital, vibrant and strategic Oasis stop-off savagely contested between rivaling Civilizations.
Visit the City Historic Museum
Western Fire-Beacon
One of the Remaining Fire-Beacons o/t Great Wall of China !
A Tour of the Oldest and Largest Ceramic Screen in China !
A Remnant of the Han Dynasty Era defenses of the strategic city of Dunhuang, the Fire-Beacon and Tower on West Street is only one of many such structures in and near Dunhuang. West Street however provides a good location to visit one un-protected and unrestored example of these 2000 year old beacon towers.
When Dunhuang City was the "mounth" on the beginning of the "neck" of China the city was strongly garrisoned and troops were stationed along the silk road path in these reinforced towers whose fire-beacons connected up with the Great Signal carried on the Great Wall of China.
Western Ten Thousand Buddha Caves
Explore the Ravine & Buddha Caves of the West !
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Constructed between the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty Era, the Western 10 Thousand Buddha Caves at Dunhuang are the western equivalents of the Mogao Caves. Hidden away in the Dang River Ravine, just of South of the extenses of West Street - YanGuan Zhong Lu and located a considerable distance out of Town the Western Caves are a must visit for those who are intend on seeing all Buddhist Cave Art, or those eager to experience it all. Apart from a relatively small number of Caves that are accesible on site (during seasons), the Ravine itself carries the Dang River eastwards into Dunhuang. The spectacular cliff faces as well as ancient Cave Home remnants make the Site an eery place.
YuMen - Jade Gate & Toll House
Discover the East Side of Dunhuang City !!!
Dating from the Han Dynasty Era, the Jade Gate - Yu Men has been part of Dunhuang and it's History for 2000 years. Head far out into the Taklamakan Desert, a 102 Kilometers to the North-West, to visit the Jade Gate Toll-House at the Cang River. The Jade Gate marks the beginning of the North Route of the Silk Road around the Taklamakan Desert leading through Turpan Oasis eventually to end up at Kashgar and is considered to be the First Gate Under Heaven in the West on the Great Wall of China.
Visit the Famous First Gate under Heaven !
Luminous Jade Cup Factory
5Th Century Yungang Grottoes
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Located halfway between Shazhou Square and the Eastern City Gate of Dunhuang stands the Cities' Luminous Jade Cup Factory of East Street - YangGuan Dong Lu. Or so it is called. As is not uncommon in the Chinese Tourist Industry, this building on East Street mainly caters to the needs of Foreign and other Tour-groups with a desire to witness the production process of luminous Jade items. Not really a high output factory, the Facility does feature a spacious show-room where many of these unique Dunhuang Gift Items are on display and available for sale.
White Horse Dagoba
Three Times around the Dagoba for Good Luck !!
Walk around White Horse Dagoba for Good Luck !
Constructed in 384 AD ....
Shazhou Night Market
The Night & Market Street in Dunhuang !
Located ....
The Shazhou Central Market Street in Center Dunhuang
Main Railroad Station of Datong - Photos and Introduction
Sun Gate - Yang Guan Pass
Visit the beginnings of the Silk Road South Route and look out on the endless Taklamakan Desert !
The Beacon and Fortress of YangGuan, the Sun Gate are the counterparts of the Jade Gate (YuMen). Both together marked the "Mouth of China" , the western end of the Hexi Corridor, a strategic mountain route leading directly east and down into the fertile Chinese Heartlands. During the Han Dynasty the Great Wall of China extended as far West as these two points which are located due West of Dunhuang looking out on the Sands and Barren Lands of the Taklamakan Desert. Beyond Sun Gate lay the Silk Road South Route, for which the Fortress provided protection and the Beacon was a guiding point.
The Sun Gate Fortress & Beacon - Beginning o/t Silk Road South Path !
Mogao Caves
Discover the East Side of Dunhuang City !!!
Rated by as the Top Buddhist Art in the World ..
Visit the World Heritage Buddhist Art & Caves !
Han Dynasty Great Wall in Desert
Find the Ultimate Streches of the Great Wall leading Westward into the Taklamakan Desert's Wastelands
After the Jade Gate, the Great Wall of China continues westward in the shape of the Han- and Tang Dynasty Era Great Wall of China. This structure, built from Clay and Reeds ...
Visit the Famous First Gate under Heaven !
Everything about the Imperial Palace & the Last Two Dynasties !
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