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Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to West Street beyond the Film Fortress outside of Dunhuang in Gansu Province.
Sun Gate Pass - Yang Guan
(1) Road to South Lake & Sun Gate
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Overview Map of Dunhuang Village
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Go East to Central Square
Next Stop: the South Lake (Reservoir) !!
Head South-West by West to Yang Guan Beacon & Fortress
Head West by South-West to Yang Guan, the Sun Gate Pass !
Hidden in Plain Sight: the Western Ravine and Buddhist Caves !
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Pass through Sun Gate Village on your way to the Fortress & Beacon
Sound Bonus: Marco Polo- "La Granda Muraglia", by Rondo Venetiano.

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1) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Directions, Map and Road
2) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate Village
3) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate Fortress
4) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate (Yangguan) Beacon Tower
-->> M) Dunhuang Schematic Overview Map 01