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Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to Sun Gate Village, YangGuan, located South-West of Dunhuang in Gansu Province.
Sun Gate Pass - Yang Guan
(3) YanGuan (Sun Gate) Fortress
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Overview Map of Dunhuang Village
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Connect from Dunhuang West Street (YangGuan Zhonglu) to YangGuan Pass & Village !
Next Stop: the South Lake (Reservoir) !!
Walk up the Hill to Sun Gate Beacon on the Great Wall of China
Head West by South-West to Yang Guan, the Sun Gate Pass !
Hidden in Plain Sight: the Western Ravine and Buddhist Caves !
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Pass through YangGuan Village
Follow the Road from Dunhuang to Sun Gate
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Map Great Wall China - Layers of Dynasties and Era's
A Schematic Map of China and East-Asia, with a super-imposed schematic of the various layers of the Great Wall of China.
Features Pre-Qin Dynasty Wall, Qin Dynasty Wall, Western Han Great Wall of China, the (Northern) Jin Dynasty Great Wall and finally the Ming Dynasty Great Wall as mainly remains today.
Main Features are Names and locations location of Passes on the Great Wall of China, outer layer and inner layer. Includes Shanhai Pass, Huangya Guan (Yellow Cliff) Pass, JiYunGuan Pass, Ningwu Guan Pass, Pingxin Guan, YaMen Guan Pass, Pian Guan Pass, JiaYuGuan pass, YuMen Guan Pass (Jade Gate) and Yang Guan Pass.
Further included for reference are City names, geographical features of landscape and main mountain ranges. Updates occur several times a year adding new pass locations and photo-virtual tours of Passes throughout China.
Kitaro - Silk Road I , the original music from the Documentary !
The Great Journey - The Silk Road ..
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1) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Directions, Map and Road
2) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate Village
3) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate Fortress
4) Sun Gate (Yangguan) - Sun Gate (Yangguan) Beacon Tower
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