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Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to the JiaYuGuan Fortress and Citadel in Gansu Province.
JiaYuGuan Great Wall of China - Fortress
(7) Guandi Temple (Guandi Si) - Interiors of Temple
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Overview Map of JiaYuGuan City& Area
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      A Satellite image of China and East-Asia, with a super-imposed schematic Map of the location and Path of the Great Wall as constructed during the Reign ofthe Ming Dynasty. Included for reference are City names, geographical features
of landscape, Names and locations of Passes on the Great Wall on the Great Wall of China.
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Move into the Inner Fortress via the Eastern Gate
Move North along the Great Wall towards Shi Guan Pass of the Black Mountains (Hei Shan)
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Move into the Inner Fortress via the Eastern Gate
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Map of JiaYuGuan Fortress World Cultural Heritage Site and Scenic Zone
A Map Drawing giving a complete overview of the JiaYuGuan Fortress UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and recreational Area in JaiYuGuan, Gansu Province of China.
Follow the links to navigate along each individual section of the Last Bastion on the Great Wall, and the attached Recreational Area.

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A Full Google Earth Supported Map Overview of All Structures of the Great Wall of China from East to West, by DrBen.Net (c) and
This page was last updated on: July 30, 2017
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1) Jiayuguan Fortress (1) Directions and Arrival Zone
2) Jiayuguan Fortress (2) Juquan Spring Lake Area
3) Jiayuguan Fortress (3) Front Gate and Road
4) Jiayuguan Fortress (4) Stele Pavilion
5) Jiayuguan Fortress (5) Pavilion o/t Literary Elite
6) Jiayuguan Fortress (6) Guandi Temple Front
7) Jiayuguan Fortress (7) Guandi Temple Interiors
8) Jiayuguan Fortress (8) East Gate (Guanghua Men)
9) Jiayuguan Fortress (9) Central Court
10) Jiayuguan Fortress (10a) Western Walls 1
11) Jiayuguan Fortress (10b) Western Walls 2
12) Jiayuguan Fortress (11) Jiayuguan Great Wall Museum
M1) Jiayuguan Overview Map
M2) Jiayuguan Fortress UNESCO Site Overview Map