Beijing City in General
A List of all our written sources to Beijing City & History
Most Source Books available Online from ChinaReport /DrBen.Net Online Store.
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Beijing City Monuments
Beijing City in General
Beijings Imperial Observatory - Online resources, extra information
Beihai Park links to more Information
About Peking Opera,Mei Lanfang and the Zheng Yici Theatre
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Dashilan Shopping Street links to more Information
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The Forbidden City or Palace Museum links to more Information
Beihai Park links to more Information
About the Red Gate Contemporary Chinese Art Gallery Online
The Red Gate Gallery was opened / started in 1990 by an Australian named Brian Wallace. By now it is the Most renowned modern Art Gallery of Beijing , situated in the Impressive South-East Corner watchtower. Read about The China Report friend Brian Wallace and his China Art achievements.
A growing list of online sources from our study into Peking Opera and other styles. Includes ancient Wansheng Theatre, and modern Li Yuan Theatre.
One of the Most extensive lists of Forbidden City sources on the Net. Including the Palace Museum official website and several Virtual Tours with historic backgrounds. More links added when building of the virtual forbidden city, by China Report, continues.
Online Bibliography of Sources on the Jingshan or Prospect Hill ( Coal Hill ) Park , Beijing, China. Includes links to other photo-sites and a satellite image based Map. All information included in the The Beijing report Virtual Tour of Jingshan.
A Full listing of internet sources for the The Beijing Report virtual tour and historic report on the Beijing Ancient Observatory, once the imperial observatory of the Ming Dynasty and the place where Halley´s Comet was first observed and recorded.The Observatory Tower was once a platform part of the Outer Imperial City Wall.
All relevant and usefull sources on the Beihai or North lake Park at Beijing, China. Beihai Park with its Jade Island is home to the 11Th Century Yong An Buddhist Temple and the Beihai White Dagoba and one of the best preserved regal Imperial Gardens in all of China. Bai Ta White Dagoba is home to the protector God of the City and there are many more treasures.
Beijing Police Museum, Legation Quarter, Dongcheng District
The Jewel of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, located in the historic
( former ) Foreign Legation Quarter of Beijing, now the `Police District`. Home to the Column of the Spirit of the Beijing Police the museum has a special Moral function for the City Police. All sources for the photo-illustrated introduction to the Beijing Police Museum by
Wanfujing Sony ExploraScince Museum All other websites used or linked
Online Bibliography of internet-sources on the Sony Exploratorium at Beijing's Oriental Plaza Shopping Malls.
Wanfujing Paleolithic Museum Sources used in this website
Online Bibliography of Sources on the Wanfujing Paleolithic Museum, a small museum inside the giant complex at Oriental Plaza (Shopping Malls ) at Beijing´s Main Chang An Avenue.
All Online information on Vibes and Factory 798 used for this website
All internet-sources used on the Vibes Beijing, Factory 798 and Dashanzi Art District ( DAD ) of Beijing Report(s).
13 Ming Tombs links to more Information
Online Sources relating to The Imperial Ming Dynasty Tombs some 50 kilometers outside Beijing City near Changping Village where the Mausoleums of 13 of the total 16 Ming Emperors can be found. A growing list of sources to a growing report with more and more of the tombs described.
An ancient shopping street established by rich Ming and Ching Dynasty eunuchs, since long the shopping mekka for Chinese Goods. Nowadays more and more modern Malls open up, but Dazhalan stays attractive.
links to more Information on China's #1 Classical Music Podium
The Jewel of China's Classical Music and podium for many of the worlds absolute musical geniuses and virtuosos.The new National Theatre Dome, west of the Great Hall of the Peoples will be the Best and Biggest China has ever seen !
About Peking Opera,Mei Lanfang and the Zheng Yici Theatre
The Online Bibliography of (Online) Sources to our Full Report and Guided Photo-Tour on Liu Lichang Culture Street , Jewel of Traditional Chinese Folk Art , in the Hutong of the Xuanwu District near HepingMen ( Gate of Peace ).
Cultural Revolution Underground Air Raid Shelters of Beijing Online Sources & Backgrounds
One of Beijing's Best Cultural Revolution- and Cold War Paranoia- Relics, Beijing Underground City. These 1960's underground Tunnels run for kilometers under Beijing and were supposed to shelter a large part of the City population from Nuclear Attack. Nowadays a sleek tourist goldmine, our report dates from pre/tourism haydays.
A List of all our written sources to Beijing City & History
All TianNing Pagoda Sources used in this website
An outlying and somewhat hidden Gem of the Ancient City is TianNing Pagoda and Temple, the oldest structure in the City. TianNing Temple of Heavenly Tranquillity is not very well known but a splendid stone tower dating back to the 12Th Century late Liao Dynasty. Its foundations are even older.
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All Sources used on Ox Street and Ox Street Mosque ...
All Online Sources relating to former LiuHe Islamic Village in Xuanwu District, Ox Street and the Ox Street Mosque. Ox Street is the center of cultural activity at the former LiuHe Islamic Village, now integrated inside the Xuanwu District of Beijing and home to a multitude of ethnic minorities and nationalities.
All Sources used on All Sources on the Former Front Gate
All Online Sources to QianMen and ShenyangMen located at the south side of TiananMen Square. Together forming the remnants of the Former South and thus Front gate on the Central Axis of the Imperial City of Beijing, Shenyangmen and QianMen stand as historic monuments in the Centre of Today's City.
links to more Information on China's #1 All Found Internet Sources on the Beijing Hutong !
The heart of Beijing's Culture with a history of near 800 years, the Beijing Hutong, once covering large area's of the City, were the home of typical Beijing Life. Now fast disappearing in a ncessary modernisation of the City - the Hutong are endangered but shall hopefully remain.
All Internet Sources on Beijing Zoo !!
A National Emblem of the Peoples Republic of China, Beijing Zoological Gardens are Home to the Famous Giant Panda, the lesser Panda, Golden Lion Tamarin and other rare and near extinct animals of China and the East. Currently rapidly modernising and expanded to a full 90 hectares in the Haidian District of Beijing, Beijing Zoo welcomes you to to meet the Animals of the East. All internet sources used in the Beijing Report on Beijing Zoo.
More Sources on the Beijing Revultionary Protests of 1919 AD
All Online Sources relating to the May the $Th Movement that started with Student Protests at Jingshan in Beijing. Find more backgrounds to the History of that Age, political players, factors and events preceeding and contributing to the affair and More.
About The National Museum of China - Past & Present
The Online Bibliography of (Online) Sources to our Full Report and Guided Photo-Tour on the National Museum of China , at TianAnMen Square. Between 2007 and 2009 AD, the Museum will be renovated and receive a completely new Look and added Wings and Facilities.
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