Brows the Arts & Culture section of the Mongolia Report for any information on Cultural Subjects. Currently available are backgrounds on Mongolian Ethnic Groups, Religion and Philosophy, Mongolian festivals, Song & Dance, Mongolian Cinema and Film, and finally Modern Art and Contemporary Art in Mongolia.

More subjects and more In-Depth information will be added overtime.
Republic of Mongolia - Reference:
Mongolia Politics :
China's Communism
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Ethnic Minority Groups in the Republic of Mongolia :
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Mongolia, the Parliamentary Republic and Government :
History of Mongolia and the Mongolian Republic :
The Republic of Mongolia is located in Eastern Asia on the Eurasian continent.
A Full Google Earth Supported Map of the PRC
Introduction to the Republic of Mongolia (Index / Menu)
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Republic of Mongolia
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Mongolia Travel; Highlights, Monuments and Scenic sites of the Republic of Mongolia :
Capital of the Republic of Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar
Surface Area / Size - Area: - no information available.
Population - No information available.

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Map of Languages & Distirbution in China !
A Full and complete Map of China (PRC) identifying all Language Areas big and small in all Provinces and Autonomous Regions of China.
Map includes Turkic Languages (Uygur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Salar & Uzbek), Mongolian Language and Sub-Divisions (Mongol, Tu, Daur and Dongxian), Tungusic Peoples (Oroqen, Evenki and Xibe) and Languages, Korean, Tajik (Tadzhik), Mon-Khmer (Kawa + Puman (or Pulang)), Hui, Uygur (Uighur), Tibeto-Bhurman Languages, Tai and Miao, Yao and She' Language Area's and Borders. Main Area's and sub-divisions of Han Languages (Northern Mandarin, Eastern Mandarin, South-Western Mandarin and Cantonese) further included. This color-coded ethno-linguistic Map (of 1967 AD) identifies at a glance most ethnic minority regions in China
Map China Ethno-Linguistic / Language Distribution China
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Main Rivers and Waterways of the Republic of Mongolia :
Capital Cities of Aimag (Provinces) in the Republic of Mongolia :
Transport: Air Connections, Railways and Highways in the Republic of Mongolia :
Economy of the Republic of Mongolia :
Climate in the Republic of Mongolia :
The Mongol Nation has a long history which left numerous historical and cultural monuments dispersed throughout the Nation. The most famous landmark in Mongolia - no information available at this Time.
Please refer to each province (Aimag), city, district and location for more information, maps, backgrounds and instructions for easy travel. A Tip: Use our Maps for easy navigation between sites and locations !
No information available at this Time.
There is currently no information on the Economy of Mongolia
No information available at this Time.
Ulaanbataar, National Capital. Ulaanbataar is organized as an autonomous City Province.
There is no information available on the Ethnic Groups in the Republic of Mongolia.
Aimag - Mongolian Provinces
Administrative Divisions: Provinces, Autonomous Regions & others :
Mongolia Arts & Culture :
More background on Chinese Culture
The Chinese Nation has a long history, which according to some historians goes back over
12.000 years. The Peoples Republic of China was established on October the 1st of 1949 AD. Before the advent of the Peoples Republic the Chinese saw no less than 16 Dynasties who ruled for over 23 Centuries, starting as accepted by historians with the Xia Dynasty (2070 BC –1600 BC). It would go too far to describe all of it or even summarize this lengthy period on this introductory page. For a full quick summary of the History of China between 10.000 BC and the passing of the last Dynasty, the Manchurian Qing Dynasty in 1911 AD, please refer to the Summary of All Chinese Dynasties.
History of China Sources - China History
China History Online Sources Bibliography
Mongolia 5000 Years of History Sources -
All Online sources on China's long history used in the creation of this website. History of China's Empire and Dynasties. Timeline of all Dynasties, Dynasty Summaries, Warlord Era,Anti-Japanese War, Civil War, Communism and More.
History of Mongolia Sources - History of Bulgan Aimag (Province)
Mongolia History Bulgan Aimag
Media: Mongolian News & Press Agencies
NewsPapers & Press
Todays news about Mongolia, Online -
Report on the State of the Environment In China, year 2 0 0 2, by China (National) Environmental Protection Agency.
National report on the Environment in China 2002
Environment and the Republic of Mongolia :
Directory Mongolia Historical Maps
Mongolia Maps Library
Mongolia Report - Mongolia Maps :
All Maps of Chinese Provinces & Parts thereof
To ALL Ulan Bator Maps !!
China Maps Library
Directory of ALL Maps of Beijing and wider City Province
Usefull Mongolian Governement Web Sites :
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peoples Republic of China
Choice of Language !
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Website
Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations
Embassy of the PRC in Bern, Zwitserland
More information, maps and images are added to this website weekly. Check back for recent updates or additional chapters.
Ulaanbataar Online Sources Bibliography
Ulaanbataar Online Sources Bibliography
Dzuunmod Internet Sources Bibliography
Dzuunmod Online Sources Bibliography
* The Netherlands China Startpage and reference Site. - A Netherlands Startpage for China
Some listed sites are Dutch Language only, some are in English.
United States Central Intelligence Agency -
The World Factbook - China
Essential Basic Information on China.
Wikipedia - Mongolia - Republic of.
Publicly Edited Encyclopedia.
Includes links to More.
Wikipedia- Self to Edit Encyclopedia On Mongolia
Wikipedia - Ulaanbaatar
Necessary background information on the Island of Taiwan. Before 1949 AD an integral part of China and the Chinese Empire. Includes links to More.
Wikipedia- on Ulan Bator
United States Library of Congress: - China , a Country Study.
US Library of Congress - Files on China.
Train Connections and Railroads in Mongolia:

No information available.
No information available.
The current Republic of Mongolia counts 21 Aimag or Provinces.
In support of our In-Depth information on Mongolian Provinces and Cities, as well as articles on landmarks, monuments and hotspots, includes a large variety of Maps of the Republic of Mongolia, and parts there of.
Please browse around each Aimag (Province) and City to find the appropriate maps for that area. Or simply head to the Mongolia Maps Index Page to choose your category; general maps, maps of provinces and autonomous regions, historical maps, geographical maps or ethnographical maps.
Directory Mongolia Maps of all Provinces & Capital Cities
Mongolia Report - City Maps :
More background on ALL Mongolian Ethnic Cultures
More background on ALL Chinese Ethnic Cultures
For more In-Depth information on the lenghty history of China and the Chinese Peoples, please browse through our Online Sources Library, arranged by subject and period.
Or browse the History of Mongolia by Aimag (Province) and Region where available. Please check the below listing or browse the History of Mongolia by Province and Region where available. Go to below listing to find the Province of your preference.
Highways and Road connections in the Republic of Mongolia:

No information available at this Time.

For more information, please refer to the dedicated Chapter on (Public) Transportation in the Republic of Mongolia.
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The Peoples Republic of China knows a wide variety of landscapes.

No information available at this Time.
All Information on Internet in China, Mongolian Fire-Wall, Filtering and Availability !!
The Internet in Mongolia, Getting Online -

No information available at this Time.

Today nearly every worthwhile Hotel Room in Mongolia will have a color television set. Only budget Hotels may not have such facilities.

No information available at this Time.

For a full overview of all information on Internet in China and related subjects, please refer to the dedicated chapter :
All information on how to get around in China by (various modes of) Public Transport !!
All information on how to get around in Mongolia by (various modes of) Public Transport !!
For more information, please refer to the dedicated Chapter on (Public) Transportation in the Republic of Mongolia.
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Old photo- Mongolian Yurts and Camels gathered at a stopping point on the old Tea and Silk Road inside Mongolia.
Click Photo to Enlarge !
View over the Mongolian Gobi desert near Gurvan.
Mongolian National Anthem

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Jiuquan, Gansu
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Lanzhou, Capital of Gansu Province
Tianjin Municipality, Hebei
Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)
Hefei, Capital of Anhui Province
Beijing City Province (Municipality), Capital of China (PRC)
Ulanbataar, Capital of Mongolia
Jinan, Capital of Shandong Province
Zhengzhou, Capital of Henan Province
Irkutsk, Russian Federation
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Urumqi, Capital of XinJiang-Uyghur AR
Seoul, South Korea
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Lhasa, Capital of Tibet AR
BaoTou, Inner Mongolia AR
TaiYuan, Capital of Shanxi Province
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Chongqing, Capital of Chongqing Province
Chengdu,Capital of Sichuan Province
GuiYang, Capital of GuiZhou Province
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region
Wuhan,  Capital of HuBei Province
PyongYang, North Korea
Shenyang, Capital of LiaoNing Province
Harbin, Capital of Heilongjiang
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Huangzhou,  Capital of Zhejiang Province
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Macau, SAR
GuangZhou (Canton), Capital of Guangdong Province
Hoc Chi Min City, Vietnam
HaiKou, Capital of Hainan (Island) Province
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Yinchuan, Capital of Ningxia Hui AR
Datong, Shanxi
Dunhuang, Gansu
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bandar Seri BegaWan, Brunei
Fuzhou, Fujian
Golmud, QingHai AR
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Khabarovsk, Russia
Vladosvostok, Russia
KitakYushu, Japan
JiaYuGuan, Gansu
??, Phillipines
Sri Lanka
Astana, Kazakhstan
Omsk, Russian Federation
Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Mumbai, India
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Bagalore, India
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Almaty, Kazakhstan
Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Mandalay, MyanMar (Bhurma)
Hue, Vietnam
Madras, India
Nagpur, India
Kashgar, Xinjiang AR, China
Kabul, Capital of Afghanistan
Hohhot, Capital of Inner-Mongolia AR
Dalian, Liaoning Province
Zhangye, Gansu
Wuwei, Gansu
Yellow River
Yangtze River
Arkhangai Архангай 19 94,900 55,300 1.7 Tsetserleg Цэцэрлэг
Bayan-Ölgii      Баян-Өлгий     13 101,200 45,700      2.2 Ölgii         Өлгий
Bayankhongor  Баянхонгор    20 83,800 116,000       0.7 Bayankhongor    Баянхонгор
Bulgan             Булган   16 60,800 48,700 1.2        Bulgan               Булган
Darkhan-Uul     Дархан-Уул      4 87,800 3,280 26.8        Darkhan            Дархан
Dornod            Дорнод           14 73,700 123,600      0.6 Choibalsan       Чойбалсан
Dornogovi Дорноговь      14 52,500 109,500      0.5        Sainshand Сайншанд
Dundgovi         Дундговь         15 49,900 74,700         0.7        Mandalgovi       Мандал-Говь
Govi-Altai Говь-Алтай       18 60,900 141,400       0.4        Altai                Алтай
Govisümber     Говь-Сүмбэр      3 12,300 5,540   2.2        Choir               Чойр
Khentii            Хэнтий             17 71,200 80,300 0.9        Öndörkhaan     Өндөрхаан
Khovd             Ховд                17 87,800 76,100 1.2        Khovd              Ховд
Khövsgöl Хөвсгөл            24 121,400    100,600        1.2 Mörön             Мөрөн
Ömnögovi       Өмнөговь          15 46,800      165,400        0.3 Dalanzadgad   Даланзадгад
Orkhon           Орхон                2 78,400            840       93.3        Erdenet           Эрдэнэт
Övörkhangai    Өвөрхангай       19 113,200      62,900 1.8        Arvaikheer       Арвайхээр
Selenge          Сэлэнгэ           17 100,800      41,200 2.4        Sükhbaatar      Сүхбаатар
Sükhbaatar     Сүхбаатар        13 56,600 82,300 0.7        Baruun-Urt       Баруун-Урт
Töv                 Төв                  27 88,900 74,000 1.2        Zuunmod         Зуунмод
Uvs                 Увс                 19 81,000 69,600 1.2       Ulaangom       Улаангом
Zavkhan          Завхан             24 80,700 82,500 1.0        Uliastai            Улиастай
Official          Mongolian   Sums (2005) Population (2004) Area (km²) Density (/km²)   Capital   Mongolian
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Bulgan, Capital of Bulgan Aimag in West Mongolia. Bulgan is a growing population center.
Airports and Air connections in the Republic of Mongolia:

There are 46 airports (and one heliport) in Mongolia, but only 14 have paved runways.

For more information, please refer to the dedicated Chapter on (Public) Transportation in the Republic of Mongolia.
- Click Map to Enlarge to Full Detail Version - Follow the links to each Destination & Location !!
Jinan (Capital of Shandong Province)
Kaifeng (Henan Province)
Zhengzhou (Henan Province)
Yinchuan (Capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region)
Baotou (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)
Luoyang (Henan Province)
Lanzhou (Capital of Gansu Province)
Xining / Silung (Capital of Qinghai Province)
Xi'An (Capital of Shaanxi Province)
Ulaanbataar, or Ulan-Baator, Capital of The Republic of Mongolia.
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