Xuanwu District Overview Map
South Cathedral
TiananMen Square Area Map
Grand View Garden Map
Monastry of the White Clouds
TianNing Buddhist Temple (open 2005)
Bao Guo Temple Fair
Ox Street Mosque (Niu Jie)
Temple of the Source of the Law (Fayuan Si)
Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre (QianMen Hotel)
Liu Lichang Culture Street
Zheng Yici Peking Opera Temple
Old QianMen Station
QianMen Area Map
ShenyangMen & QianMen - South side of TiananMen Square
Dashilan (Big Railings) Street
National Theatre Dome
Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre
Nan Tang - South Cathedral
Tiantan Park - Temple of Heaven Area Map
Capital Hotel Area Map
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The third largest district of the old city and officialy the oldest district, Xuanwu's long history dates back to the
beginning years of the Yuan Dynasty (1271 AD - 1368 AD). Furthermore, due to its various economic functions, connections to the ancient silk road and other historic factors the Xuanwu District is also traditionally home to the largest number of ethnic minorities. Find Niu Jie - Ox Street - Mosque, Bao Guo Si (Market) and Fayuan Si - the Buddhist Temple of the Source of the Law, at the very heart of the old Liu He Muslim Village that formed a seperate village inside the District and received the trading Camels from the Silk Road.
In the North lies XuanwuMen (now demolished) and in the North-West QianMen, both former Gates and Entrances into the Imperial City (only later in history did the southern city receive it's own encircling defensive walls) forming the Northern Border of the District. Between these - Liu He Muslim Village and the two gates lie the most interesting "Hutong" Area's of Xuanwu District. Enjoy the Hutong while they last, much of the city will be refaced and modernized by the year 2010 AD
(See Beijing Planning Exhibition and Hall).
In the Eastern Part of Xuanwu District, along the cities central axis and the former main route of entry into the Walled Inner City, lies the TianQiao Area of Beijing. Tianqiao, once the meeting place and main performace area of street artist, grew into the home of Beijing Culture, and is now still home to most renowned Theaters. Others have ofcourse appeared throughout the City, but the highest podia, such as the Wansheng Acrobatics Theatre (home of the famed Beijing Acrobatic Troupe) are at Tianqiao or at least located inside the Xuanwu District.

Note that most of Xuanwu District is surrounded by the 2nd ring road of the City, which was constructed on the space left by the demolishing of the old Ming Dynasty Era City Walls. As a result of this most of Xuanwu is nearly square shaped. However due and oddity of history (there was a main camel route and a bridge leading west from Xuanwu, near Liuli overpass) the TianNing Pagoda and Temple of the West Border and nearby BaiYunGuan, Temple of the White Clouds and China Buddhist College have ended up as part of the Xuanwu District. These two, however, for all practical purposes lie outside the 2nd ring road and appear as if they were part of the Fengtai District.

Along the southern border of the Xuanwu District the City Wall have disappeared a long time ago. However, a remnants of the city moat remains. Walk along it to end up at YongdingMen or go upstream and follow the water all the way into Haidian District.
This schematic overview map clearly shows all of Xuanwu District, the South and Western District of the Old Imperial City. Due to the enlargement of Beijing to over 16 million citizens (and counting), the Xuanwu District is now almost part of the Inner City. Find the Xuanwu District colored in Purple,
Liu Lichang East Street
Hutong of  Xuanwu-Liu Lichang-Dashilan
Hutong of the QianMen Area
XuanwuMen Hutong Area
Beijing West Main Railway Station
Tianqiao Area
XianNongtanSports Stadium - Temple & Altar of Agriculture & Grain + remnants
YongdingMen - Southernmost City Gate o/t Ching Dynasty (1644 AD - 1911 AD)
Museum of Ancient Chinese Architecture inside Taisui Dian - Hall of Jupiter
Lotus Lake Park (Lianhuachi Gongyuan)
Lotus Lake Park
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