This map depicts the Greater Tian An men Square area and Forbidden City and surroundings, which are all part of the XiCheng and DongCheng District of Beijing City. This Map depicts the exact center of Beijing City and runs from Beihai Park and Dianmen Dajie' (street) in the North to Qianmen and Dashilan Street in the South.
From West to East Zhongnanhai Leadership compound area inside the blue area of XiCheng District, and on the other side of the district border Wanfujing Major Shopping Street with Oriental Plaza inside pink colored DongCheng District are included.
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Introduction to the Tiananmen Area Map
View a very detailed Satellite View of TiananMen Square !
Beijing , Tiananmen Square - Satellite Image based Map
Visit Zheng Yi Lu leading into the Police District and Former Foreign Legation Quarter
Jingshan Park Report
Beihai Park Report
Dazhalan Street
Capital Hotel Report
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National Art Gallery
Underground City
Liu Lichang Culture Street
Qianmen Hutong Report
Zheng Yici Peking Opera Theatre
Palace Museum Main Menu
Beijing Police Museum
Wanfujing Street
QianMen Station
Zheng Yi Lu
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Beihai Park Map
National Theatre
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South Gate to Zhongshan Park & Sun Yat-Sen Park
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Mao Zedong Memorial Hall
National Museum
Great Hall of the People
ShenyangMen - Arrow Tower
QianMen - Front Gate
Monument to The Heroes of the Revolution
QianMen Dajie' - QianMen Boulevard
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