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JiaYuGuan is one of the Historic Cities of the Silk Road in Western China. Originally an Oasis City between steep mountains, JiaYuGuan lies on the only passable route from East to West in this wide Region. Jia Yu Pass is part of the Western Gobi Desert. To the West lies the dangerous Taklamakan desert, to the North and to the East lies the Gobi Desert. High Mountain Ranges block traffic to the North and South. Through JiaYuGuan leads the road from Chang' An (Xi'An) the ancient Capital of China in Shaanxi Province in the East to the many Oasis Cities in Central Asia and the wild pathways of the Silk Road in the West.

Due to its ever abundant waters welling from Spring Lake JiaYu Pass became a settlement of importance during the earliest days of the development of the Silk Road trading paths famous in history.
Located at the narrowest point in the only strategic mountain corridor between the Central Asian Plains and the Fertile Chinese Heartlands, the JiaYu Pass and Village have been under protection of the Great Wall of China since the Han Dynasty (221 BC - 206 AD). Much later, at the advent of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD - 1644 AD) it became the Home of the Fortress Citadel in Protection of the Western Ending of the Great Wall of China, making it Famous in History and Legend. JiaYuGuan was made part of the Chinese Culture and Empire during the Wu Di Reign of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.) and together with Dunhuang, remained among the fartests outpost in the West until the End of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 AD. JiaYuGuan Fortress and Great Wall of China were named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987 AD.

Today's JiaYuGuan is a Steel and Heavy Industry City in the extreme western parts of the Gobi Desert, with an awakening tourism industry. Due to its high importance as a conduit of culture and goods, as well as a vital Military Post and stop-over on the Silk Road many monuments and historic relics remain in the vicinity of the small City drawing international visitors. Apart from this, JiaYuGuan can boast an impressive and unique scenery, with its Ming Dynasty Fortress, remnants of the Great Wall of China and stunning sites of the Taolai River Gorge and Extened Arm or Overhanging Great Wall of China. Although at some distance away, the unique views of the Number 71 Glacier on Top of the 5.3 Kilometer high Qilian Shan earned JiaYuGuan the honorary title of the "Most Magnificent Pass Under Heaven" and will impress any first time visitor to this unique Town on China's Silk Road.

Please use this Map to Navigate the Landmarks & Monuments of JiaYuGuan and read more backgrounds on the history of JiaYuGuan City and JiaYuGuan of Today.
Railraod Crossing of the Great Wall of China
Wei & Jin Dynasty
JiaYuGuan Zhan - Main Railway Station of JiaYuGuan
TaoLai Gorge Scenic Spot
JiaYuGuan Fortress
JiaYuGuan Main Commercial Square
Desert Beacon Tower
Desert Beacon Tower
Hei Shan Rock Carvings
Red Luilin Landforms
JiaYuGuan Steel Factory
Li Lin's Monument
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Qinghai Province
Hei Shan Rock Carvings
Lanzhou-Xinjiang Highway
Glacier 71 Road
Great Wall
Eastern Great Wall
Hei Shan Hu Farm
HeiShan Hu Reservoir
Mu Lan Cheng
Lan Xin Railway
Lan Xin Railway
DuanShan Kou
HuangCao Yin
Huangzeying Village
Mazhong Mt. Range
Qilian Mt. Range
Jintie Shan
Qilian Shan
JingTie Shan (5206 meters)
Qilian Shan (5564 meters)
The Below Map Drawing gives a Complete Overview of the Prefecture of JiaYuGuan in Western Gansu Province.
Counting 2,935 sq kilometers and located in the narrowest part of the Hexi Mountain Corridor the JiaYuGuan Prefecture is only a small prefecture.
Please use Below Map to Navigate the main Landmarks and Monuments of JiaYuGuan, which lie mainly scattered about the Modern City and Capital of the Prefecture, JiaYuGuan City. JiaYuGuan City is located at the Center of the Prefecture.
Scroll down to find more Background Information on Prefecture, City, Landmarks and Monuments !
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Jiuquan Prefecture
Great Wall
Beacon Tower
Wei/Jin Tombs
Fire Beacon

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This page was last updated on: July 26, 2017
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