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Hebei Province of China
Chengde Maps - Index
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Great Wall of China Path & Locations Map
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The Chengde Maps Index gives acces to all Maps relevant to the city and prefecture of Chengde in Hebei Province and Area's of Specific Interest within that area, as used and/or produced by Please use these Maps to find your way easily around the Province, Cities, Area's and many Monuments & Landmarks.
A Satellite image Based Map of China and East-Asia, with a super-imposed schematic Map of the Location and Path of the Great Wall as constructed during the Reign of the Ming Dynasty.
Included for reference are Locations and Names of Passes on the Great Wall of China and their significance. Further Reports link to More Photos and History & Backgrounds of each Great Wall of China Site. Further depicted are City names, geographical features of landscape, rivers and more.
Historic Maps relevant to Hebei Province
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China Report - Map of Ancient Asian Empires and Tribes in Asia 565 AD
An overview Map of Asia Entire clearly demarkating the Territories, Nations and Tribal Area's of the Continent in the year 565 AD. Japan is split between the Yamato Kingdom and Emishi. In Korea three Kingdoms Rule among which the largest Goguryeo. China is split in a Northern Dynasty of the Qi, and a Southern Dynasty of the Chen.
While in the Far west the Qi Empire stretches as far West as Dunhuang, the Silk Road is temporarily blocked by the unification of
Mongol Tribes in the Gokturk Khanate and the appearance of the smal XiYe City State in the Tarim River Basin.
China Report - Map Yuan Dynasty Mongol Empire in Time (1206 AD - 1294 AD)
A Schematic Map of the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan (TeMuJin) and descendants through its several stages of conquest in its short but Impressive Existance in History. Timeline depicts the Mongol Conquest starting in the Year 1206 AD, when Genghis Khan first united the Mongol-Turkic Tribes of Mongolia and Lake BayKal becoming Great Khan. The Timeline continous through the year 1219 AD, the year 1223 AD taking Transoxiania, 1227 AD, 1237 AD when the Northern Jin Dynasty of China was annihilated, 1259 AD conquering ancient China above the Jiangste River and 1279 AD when all of China was taken and the Yuan Dynasty established under the Kublai Khan. Last is the Year 1294 AD when the Mongol Empire reached its largest geographical size and Zenith, 22% of world land area, but through lack of central leadership and over-expansion fragmented into 4 large parts, then imploded upon itself.
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China Report - Historic Map - China (Qing) Empire in 1910 AD
An obviously non-Chinese but western-made Map of the Ching Dynasty Chinese Empire in the year 1910 AD, a year in which China's sovereignty has been under threat and siege for over 70 years.
In this Map of 1910 AD, made one year before the abdication of Last Ching Emperor Xuan Tung (a.k.a.Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi) and the final end of China's Feudal History, China is depicted as in its smallest boundaries and definition. Most notably the North-East (Manchuria), and Inner Mongolia, both territories nominally under Chinese Control and under Chinese Sovereignty are depicted as separate area's.
Other interesting features of the Map and geography of the Time : after the Sino-Japanese war of 1899 AD, both Korea and the Island of Formosa (now Taiwan / ROC) have been annexed by the Japanese Empire and Port Arthur (Dalian) is now a Treaty Port and a leased Base for the Russian Pacific Fleet.
Map of China - Ching Dynasty Empire in 1910 AD
North China - Beijing City Province wider Area Maps (A & B)
B) A very good overview Image Map of Beijing-TangShan-TianJin-ShiJiaZhuang Quadrangle in North China. Depiction of all major population centres, villages, highways, rivers, etc. in this General Area, around, East and South-East of Beijing.
North China- Beijing B
A) A very good overview Image Map of Datong-Beijing-TaiYuan-ShiJiaZhuang Quadrangle in North-China with Beijing City Province. Depiction all major population centres, villages, highways, rivers, monuments, mountains in this General Area West and South-West of Beijing.
North China- Beijing A
Overview Hebei Province, Tianjin- and Beijing City Provinces
Hebei Province Map 1 - Schematic Map - Large
A schematic overview of North-East China's Hebei Province entire, delineating Provincial Borders and parts of neighboring Shanxi-, LiaoNing- and Shandong Provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Includes Cities and Towns (shown by size), Main Monuments & landmarks, Main Mountains (with Height), major highways, railroads, waterways, and Airports (National & International) and links to furher information on Cities, Monuments and main transportation hubs of the wider Region.
Hebei Map 2 - Geographic Map
Hebei Province Map 2 - Geographic Map
A Geographic Map overview of North-East China's Hebei Province entire, delineating Provincial Borders and parts of neighboring Shanxi-, LiaoNing- and Shandong Provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Map includes Great Wall of China Locations in Hebei Province, Main Cities and Towns (shown by size), Hebei Province Monuments, Main Mountains (with Height), major highways, railroads, waterways, and Airports (National & International) and links to furher information on Cities, Monuments and main transportation hubs of the wider Region.
Full Geographic Map of Hebei Province, China !
Map of Languages & Distirbution in China !
China Report - Map Ethnic Language Distribution China
Full and complete Map of China (PRC) identifying all Language Areas big and small in all Provinces and Autonomous Regions of China.
Map includes Turkic Languages (Uygur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Salar & Uzbek), Mongolian Language and Sub-Divisions (Mongol, Tu, Daur and Dongxian), Tungusic Peoples (Oroqen, Evenki and Xibe) and Languages, Korean, Tajik (Tadzhik), Mon-Khmer (Kawa + Puman (or Pulang)), Hui, Uygur (Uighur), Tibeto-Bhurman Languages, Tai and Miao, Yao and She' Language Area's and Borders. Main Area's and sub-divisions of Han Languages (Northern Mandarin, Eastern Mandarin, South-Western Mandarin and Cantonese) further included. This color-coded ethno-linguistic Map (of 1967 AD) identifies at a glance most ethnic minority regions in China.
Satellite Image Overview of China (PRC) at Night + Cities
This Satellite Image provides an overview of all cities and provinces within the Peoples Republic of China & wider Regions.
Locations visible lie roughly between Kabul-Afghanistan in the West, Osaka-Japan in the East, Krasnoyarsk in the North and Sanya on Hainan Island in the South. Find the large coastal cities and main Chinese Civilization Centres on the Chinese Plains between Beijing i/t North o/t Plains and Hong Kong and Guanzhou (Canton) in the Extreme South. Follow the Flow of the Yellow River and cities and towns strewn along it from Xining-Qinghai Province, through Lanzhou-Gansu and Yinchuan-Ningxia to flow along the Western Shanxi Province Border and find the black holes created by the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts as wel as Tibet-Qinghai Plateaux.
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Tsgaan-Olom, Govi-Altai Aimag
Area Highlighted on Parallel Map _ Click Here !
Area Highlighted on Parallel Map _ Click Here !Area Highlighted on Parallel Map _ Click Here !Area Highlighted on Parallel Map _ Click Here !
Area Highlighted on Parallel Map _ Click Here !
Click & go to Beijing-Tangshan-Tianjin-ShiJiaZhuang Sector Map
Click & go to Beijing-Datong-TaiYuan-ShiJiaZhuang Sector Map
Shijiazhuang, Capital of Hebei Province
Datong, North-Shanxi
Beijing City Province, Capital of China (P.R.C.)
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
ChengDe, Hebei Province
Lanzhou, Capital of Gansu Province
Yinchuan, Capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region
Taiyuan, Capital of Shanxi Province
Jinan, Capital of Shandong Province
JiaYuGuan, Gansu Province
Zibo, Shandong Province
Hami, Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region
Tsetserleg, Capital of Arkhangay Aimag
Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Wuzhong, Ningxia Autonomous Region
Xining, Capital of Qinghai Province
Tianjin City Province
Uliastai, Capital of Dzavkhan Aimag
Bulgan, Capital of Bulgan Aimag
Mörön, Capital of Khövsgöl Aimag
Choibalsan, Capital of Dornod Aimag
Sainshand, also: Buyant-Uhaa, Capital of Dornogovi Aimag
Khovd, also:Dund-Us, Capital of Khovd Aimag
Öndörkhaan also Ondorhaan, Capital of Khentii Aimag
Dzuunmöd, Capital of Töv Aimag
Mandalgovi, Capital of Dundgovi Aimag
North China - Beijing-Tianjin, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Mongolia + wider Area Maps (A & B)
See North China with Beijing and Tianjin Cities, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Autonomous Region and the Republic of Mongolia at a glance and navigate the various chinese provinces and regions, capital cities of Mongolian Aimag (Provinces), rivers, lakes, landmarks and locations.
Dalanzadgad, Capital of Omnogovi Aimag
Bayankhongor, Capital of Bayankhongor Aimag
Altai, Capital of Govi-Altai Aimag
Olgii, Capital of Bayan-Olgii Aimag
Ulaangom, Capital of Uvs Aimag
Arvaikheer, also: Arvayheer, Capital of Dornogovi Aimag
Baruun-Urt, Capital of Sükhbaatar Aimag
Sükhbaatar, Capital of Selenge Aimag
Manzhouli, Hulunbuir League, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
Hailar, Capital of Hulunbuir League, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
Ulan-Ude, Capital of the Buryatia Republic, Russian Federation.
Naushki, Buryatia Republic, Russian Federation.
Zakamensk, Buryatia Republic, Russian Federation.
Chita, Russian Federation.
Ahakan, Capital of Khakassia Republic, Russian Federation.
Kyzyl, Russian Federation.
Naryn, Russian Federation.
Tashanta, Russian Federation.
Khandargayty, Russian Federation.
Borzya, Russian Federation.
Onon, Dornod Aimag
Tamsagbulag, Dornod Aimag
Mangut, Russian Federation.
Erentsav, Dornod Aimag
Darkhan, Capital of Darkhan-Uul Aimag
Hadasan, Bulgan Aimag
Hatgal, Khövsgöl Aimag
Turta, Khövsgöl Aimag
Mondy, Buryatia Republic, Russian Federation.
Zabaykalsky Krai
Xinjiang AR
Inner-Mongolia AR
Chifeng, Capital of Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
Dariganga, Sükhbaatar Aimag
Da Hinggan
Xilin Gol
Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province
Wuwei, Gansu Province
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Map Chengde Fleeing the Heat Mountain Villa (Bishu Shanzhuang)
The hand drawn map provides an overview of the so-called Chengde Summer Palace a.k.a. the Fleeing the Heat Mountain Villa of Chengde in Hebei Province.
The map depicts the grounds of the Palace proper in the south, the location of each major structure and pavilion with the Chengde Imperial Gardens (the largest such prserved gardens in China today) as well as the ring of adjoining Temples, the so called eight outer temples. Landmarks and locations are marked on the map with colored dots, providing link-throughs to further information, photos and details.

View - Mastermap of Asia (entire). in a larger map
A Full Google Earth Supported Map of Chengde by
The China Report introduced on Levels of its Online Publishing's in April of 2009, including the Town of Chengde.
Find Google Maps on nearly all Report & Photo Pages where appropriate and useful.

Follow DrBen as ChinaReportcom1 Mobile Device on Google Earth, Google Latitude and Tune in via Twitter
( for near LIVE Reporting by DrBen and other China Report Staff and their Mobile Devices (ChinaReportcom2 & ChinaReportcom3) on all nearly all Digital Channels.
Adjacent Map gives direct access to the City of Beijing Map by Google Earth.
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