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Map Beijing (Beiping) Walled City - Central Districts in 1936 AD
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Map of The City of Beijing and Wider Region in 1912 AD
A Shematic Map of Beiping (Beijing) and immediate vicinity in the Year 1912 AD, using the Old (and oudated) naming sytem.
Map depicts major and minor roads, villages and Towns, Walled City of Beijing, Various Palaces of the Imperial Family, Temples, Mosques and Churches, The new railroad stations and lines such as Qianmen Station and Xizhimen Station both oustide the City Walls of Beijing, The Legations, buildings used by The Government of the First Republic of China, all city gates, outlying villages and roads, rivers in the region and more.
Map of Beijing and Wider Region in 1875 AD
Shematic Map of Beiping (Beijing) and wider City Province in the Year 1875 AD using the Old (and outdated) naming system. Map depicts major and minor roads, villages and Towns, Walled City of Beijing, Old and
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New Summer Palaces, and many additional monuments.  There were no railroads in the area until 1899AD/1900
Map of Beijing in 1916 AD - 1916 AD Beijing City Plan 1A
Schematic Map of the the City of Beijing in 1916 AD, shortly after the 1911 Xinghai Revolution and the Debacle of Yuan-Shi Kai's attempt to Crown Himself Emperor. Ex-Emperor Pu Yi still inhabited The Palace, outside Beijing was modernizing and China was experiencing the industrial Revolution.
Among the most noteworthy features of this Map are: 1) The QianMen Railway Station, at the Time the Main Railroad Station of Beijing. 2) The small station outside and West of XizhiMen Gate, built in 1905 AD and diverting the Central Watersupply of Beijing underground, 3) The Imperial City and the much smaller TiananMen Square of 1916 AD. This Map is one of the Few maps that shows the Pre'-Revolutionary Lay-out of Tian'AnMen Square. Further on this Map the First University of Beijing due East of Jingshan, the new University Campus north-west of Deshengmen, and finally the Location of "The Legations" of Colonial Nations plus Todays remaining remnants and sights of the Beijing (Former) Legation Quarter.
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Click through to Altar of the Sun and Park in Chaoyang District !
This Map features most of the Monuments of today's Central City Districts. Some monuments have been destroyed.
Browse the Map and Follow your mouse pointer to discover links to additional information.
Click through to Deshengmen City Gate !
Click through to the Five Pagoda Temple in Haidian District !!
Click through to Beijing Zoo in the Xizhimen Area of the Haidian District !!
Click through to Ditan - the Altar of the Earth and Park !!
Click through to the Imperial Academy - Estiblished during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty.
Click through to the Confucius Temple of Beijing !
Click through Beijings Yonghegong Lama Temple !!
Learn more about Beijing Rickshaws through the Centuries !
Click through and visit Jingshan & Park, in 1936 mostly known as the Coal Hill ...
Click through to the Forbidden City a.ka. the Palace Museum of Beijing - A district in itself !
Click through to Shenwumen - North Gate of Divine Might of the Palace Museum !
Click through to WuMen - South Main Gate of the Palace Museum !
Click through to Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) Park !!
Click through to the Imperial Ancestral Shrine of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, the Tai Miao !!
Click through to Qianmen - the Former Front Gate of the (Inner Walled) city of Beijing !!
Click through and explore the Former Beijing Legations Quarter & History !!
Click through the Beijing Hotel and Grand Hotel Beijing !!
Click through to the Main Menu of the Chapter on the Square of Heavenly Peace (Tian An Men Square) ...
Click and Visit the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian An Men) ...
Click through to Red Bridge - formerly the Thieves Market niow known as the Pearl Market.
Click through to visit Altar o/t Sun & Park in Chaoyang District !
Click through to Dongbianmen - SE Corner Watchtower also Red Gate.
Visit the location of the now demolished Chongwenmen also historically the Hata Men.
Click through to (Ancient) Ming Observatory & Museum.
Click through to the (Great) Bell Temple in Haidian District !
Click through to White Dagoba Temple (Bai Ta Si) in the Xicheng District ...
Click through to Temple of the Emperors of the Past Ages !
Click through to Beihai (North Lake) Park !
Click through to the Nine Dragon Screen on the North Shore of the North Lake (in Beihai Park) ...
Click through to the Jade Island inside Beihai Park !
Click through to Northern Church (Bei Tang) in Xicheng District.
Click through to the 5 Dragon Pavilions on the North Shore of the North Lake ...
Click through to the Beijing Report Chapter on Zhongnanhai, the CP Leadership Compound.
Click through to Nanchang Road (between the two Palaces).
Click through to Qianmen (Front Gate) Street !
Click through to Liu Lichang (Former) Antiques Street !!
Click through to Dashilar East Street (Former Silk Street).
Click through to (West) Flower Market Street, formerly the preserve of the Uyghur Minority in Beijing.
Click through the Xidan Pailou Shopping Zone of the Xicheng District !
Click through to Xidamochang Hutong !
Click through the Old Qianmen Station Building - a Monument.
lick through to the Andingmen Area - formerly the location of Andingmen City Gate.
Click through to the Zhihua Temple also known as Eunuchs Temple.
Click through to Dongyeu Miao - Top Daoist Temple in Beijing !
Click through to the current day location of the Embassy of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea).
Click through to BaiyunGuan - Daosit Temple of the White Clouds !
Click through to the Oldest standing structure or building in Beijing - Tianning Buddhist Temple and Pagoda !
Click through to the ancient Ming Era Drum Tower (Gu Lou) of Beijing !
Click through to The Gate of New China (Xinhua Men) - South Main Gate of the Zhongnanhai Complex.
Click through to the remains of the Grand Canal in south Chaoyang District.
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