Landmarks of Post Revolution Dongcheng
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Dongcheng Landmarks of the Ming Dynasty
History of DongCheng District
of the Old City of Beijing
Find DongCheng District Located roughly East of the Central Line North-South line through TiananMen Square and Forbidden City. West of this Line, first drawn by the 15Th Century planners of the Imperial City (1442 AD), lies XiCheng District. East lies DongCheng, Dong meaning East. The North- and Eastern- Stretches of DongCheng District are limited by Beijing's second ring road, which roughly follows the lines of the Former City Walls.
As part of the Central Imperial City DongCheng District has been and is still is a district laced with History, dating from many a historic Era. Find remnants of the earliest Mongol Khan's at BeiHai Park's Circular City, just across the western district border, Find many relics and imprints from the Ming and ing Dynasties dotting DongCheng District with the obvious The Imperial Palace Museum (Forbidden City), Jingshan Park, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, but also many smaller Jewels of Museums, Temples, Shrines and City Wall remnants. Don't miss out on YongHeGong Lama Temple, the strongest and most obvious evidence of the Flow of Buddhism from India through Tibet and Mongolia to the Historic Capital of Beijing.
Maps depicting All Sites in DongCheng District and Central Downtown Beijing.
Imperial College
Long Fu Si Jie - Dragon Happiness Shopping Street
Monument May 4Th 1919 AD Movement
Beihai Park - Jade Island Map
Jingshan Park Map
QianMen Area Map Area Map
TiananMen Square Area Map
Wanfujing Area Map
Capital Hotel Area Map
Beijing Main Railway Station
New World Complex
Ming Dynasty City Walls Park
DongJiaoMin Church
Old QianMen Station
Beijing Police Museum at (Former) West Legation Street
Underground City
Red Gate - South-East Corner Tower
Zheng Yici Theatre
Oriental Plaza
Wanfujing Street
DongHua Men Night Market
Wanfujing or East Cathedral - St. Joseph's Church
Bell Tower
Drum Tower
Lama Temple - YongHeGong
Jingshan Park
BeiHai Park - South Gate
Beihai Park - North Gate
Silver Ingot Bridge
Tian an Men - Gate of heavenly Peace
Palace Museum - Forbidden City
TiananMen Square
Gate of New China (XinHua)
National Theatre (Silver Dome)
Grand Hotel Beijing
Capital Hotel
Hyatt Oriental Plaza Hotel
Two overview Maps of Capital Hotel Area with display of Hotel Facilities , on- & off-site.
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Much later, after 1949,
Ancient Ming Dynasty
Doncheng was once more
overturned by the ending of
Feudal Chinese Society
(1910) and the Following
influence of the Chinese
Revolution (1949) and
subsequent rebuilding of
the Chinese State and
Capital City. Reshaping
DongCheng District mainly at
TiananMen Square in the early 1950's , tearing down the Cities Huge Protective Walls and by opening wide parading avenues into the inner city Revolutionary China left DongCheng with a New Face with familiar friendly lines. Adding Mao Zedong Memorial Mausoleum (1976) , expanding TiananMen Square, opening up the Forbidden City for a truely international public. Now, after 50 years of imprinting by Communist China and Rule, a new Age has dawned and DongCheng District is still evolving ! With New Additions Oriental Plaza, and now Wanfujing Street and Dong An Plaza, DongCheng has rapidly modernized since 1985 , acquiring truly Modern Face too. And more to Follow with the creation of the Olympic Green City of Beijing in 2008 and beyond !               
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Dong Si Mosque
Fu Wangfu - Former Residence Prince Fu
Soong Ching Ling Residence Museum
Confucius Temple
ZhiHua Temple
DongDan Park
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Use this growing web report as your source and take a discovery walk through the district and chinese history. Join the growing crowds that flock to Modern Beijing City with DongCheng at its very Center.

Famous Hutong in DongCheng District -
the district of DongCheng has several of the Cities' famous Hutong Lanes. These include Nanluogu Xiang at JiaoDaoKou ..

Beijing's Ancient Ming Era Bell Tower, with the largest bronze Bell in China stands proudly on the central axis of the City. north of Jingshan.
Bell Tower in Dongcheng Bejing, China
Bell Tower in Dongcheng Bejing, China Photographic Print
Weymouth, Phil
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Browse this interesting Beijing District that unites all of Chinese History within itself. Expect to spend plenty of Time to find all of its Treasures, great and small. Dongcheng Beijing, a
district with Big Epic Chinese
Monuments, Dramatic
Imperial and Communist
Stalinist Architecture, and now
many modern highrises ,
Shopping Malls, hotels and
shops and even Bars.
DongCheng District is dotted
with many small museums
dedicated to all aspects of
  Chinese Culture, writers,
  poets and More..                      
Happy moments with Wedding photography on a nice Day at Wanfujing Cathedral
(St. Josephs'
Park o/t Peoples Culture
Terrific traditional painted decorations at The Park of the Peoples Culture, hidden in plain sight between TiananMen and Grand Hotel Beijing.
Xuanwu Hutong (Liu Lichang-Dashilan Area)
The DongCheng District is one of the Old and Central Districts of the Ancient Imperial Capital of Beijing. As such, this historic district is dotted with many museums, relics, landmarks, true monuments
and even
Hot-Spots, a
number of
which are
listed on this
Menu Page..
Soshow Mall
Mao Zedong Former Hutong Residence
DeshengMen - Former North-Western City Gate
Dashulan East Street
ShiChaHai Traditional & Bar Street
PuDu Temple
China National Art Gallery
Imperial City East Wall Ruins - Dong An Gate Market
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Giant Depiction of the Yao on a building on the North Section of Wanfujing Street,
Ditan Park & Altar o/t Earth
Zhongshan + Sun Yat-Sen Park
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(1) History of the Dongcheng District

Dongcheng District in Sections:
(1) Central Axis of the Old City and Western Border of Dongcheng
(2) North Central Section
(3) North East Corner
4) Eastern Dongcheng District
(5) South Central and South East Corner
(6) Scattered Monuments & Landmarks of Dongcheng.
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Map of the popular ShichaHai (3 Lakes) area of Beijing Old City.
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Poly Plaza
Faxing Temple
North Central section of Dongcheng District of the Old City -
the Blabla. Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Imperial Academy or College.

North Eastern section of Dongcheng District of the Old City -
the Old Russian Embassy, Tongjiao Temple and others.

Eastern parts of Dongcheng District of the Old City -
the Blabla. Zhihua Temple, Faxing Temple, Galaxy Soho Building.

South Central and South Eastern parts of Dongcheng District of the Old City -
the Beijing Railway Station, Red Gate, Old Observatory and Ming Dynasty City Walls.
Modern Dongcheng District
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