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Welcome to The Capital Hotel of Beijing Area Map , Map 1 of The Beijing Report's Digital Introduction to the Capital Hotel at Beijing's QianMen DongDajie'. Please use this Map as you Online Guide to the Capital Hotel Area Facilties and Surrounding Monuments and Hot-Spots.
Explore The Capital Hotel via Photo-Virtual Tour, find useful surrounding shops,
and internet Cafe's , the most excellent massage in Beijing and more.
  Nearby Monuments include The Large & Fabled TiananMen Square , Gugong
or Forbidden City and many more smaller but likewise interesting places.
Don't Miss Out on the Oldest Wooden Theatre in China nearby !!
Capital Hotel Map
QianMen East Avenue , DongCheng District of Beijing
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Capital Hotel
TiananMen Square
Underground City
Dashilan Street
Oriental Plaza
New World Mall
Ming Dynasty City Walls Park
WanfuJing Street
DongJiaoMin Church
Police Museum
Zheng Yi Lu
Rue Hart
Old QianMen
Qianmen Tourbus Station
Tian an Men
Great Hall o/t Peoples
Forbidden City
Usefull Facility Photographic Report
Normal Street Digital Photographic Report
Landmark Digital Photographic Report
The Capital Hotel is located in the midst of the 19Th Century
battle ground of the Boxer Rebellion , the Foreign Legation Quarter , and is surrounded by History. More modern Times have filled The City Center and brought Style and Glamour with Oriental Plaza & Wanfujing Street. Use The Beijing Report as your Online Guide to it All !!
24 Hour Store
EMS/Mail Office
Qian Jude Roast Duck
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The Capital Hotel with its fine garden and  magnificient view of Tianan Men and the Forbidden City is located just East of QianMen and stands overlooking the entire city center.
Visit our Capital Hotel Full Digital Photo-Impression and find out more about Hotel facilities, both on- and off-site.
Book the Capital Hotel Online via The China Report and receive 20- to 30 % discount on your Rates.
24 Hour Store
Internet Cafe
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QianMen Hutong(s)
Xuanwu Hutong(s)
East Legation Street
This page was last updated on: June 6, 2017
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